Telemarketers Sue Government

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Telemarketers Sue Government

Postby Nyufrost » Mon Jul 28, 2003 9:59 pm

Evil telemarketers have been free to invade your homes via telephone, day and night, trying to sell you this and that since they came into being.

The national "Do Not Call" list, started at the end of June, will make such calls illegal starting in October. Millions of people have already signed up.

Telemarketing groups have been looking for ways around this and now are suing the government, saying it will put two million people out of work. Well, I am sorry they will be out of work but people have a right to privacy, no? If they don't want people calling them then they shouldn't be forced to endure the calls. It's not like everyone in America is signing up ... just those who are truly annoyed by telemarketing calls.

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