public access computers

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public access computers

Postby TerraFrost » Fri Jul 25, 2003 5:20 pm

they're great for if you have had computer problems, and need access to a working computer immediatly, and if you want to do some online "vandalism", or whatever...

someone installed a keystroke logger on some computers at some library and stole a bunch of credit card numbers... ... index.html

of course, there is a simple fix to all this... well, maybe not uber simple, but there's a fix, hehe. first, the library should only allow access to people who have valid id's, be they driver's licenses or perhapes just library cards. they should write down the times when someone comes and when someone leaves, and they should take the driver's licenses as a sort of collateral, giving them back when the person is done using them. then, they should remotely enable guest browsing on the target computer. when the user comes back to get his id, they should log him out (instead of having the responsibility be on him), and they should restore the machine to it's default settings.

UT does this, to some degree. they restore the default settings. of course, with UT, you also have to login with an ID given to you by UT. i can understand libraries not doing this, so that's why you take the driver's licenses.

now... one thing UT doesn't do that libraries should do is... libraries should log activities on public access computers themselves, so in this way, not only would libraries be able to identify who defaced some website when some company complained to them, after tracking them down, with their ips, but they could actively go out, themselves, and sorta enforce the rules that much more directly. besides, a library is probably a trustworthy organization. logging into your bank account would be something that wouldn't cause alarm, and libraries could also have some sort of privacy policy, too.
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