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going 'out'

Postby Kaos » Sat Dec 14, 2002 11:39 pm

how often is it done?

me...i don't get out often. LadyDrumer and i went out to the mall today, and i realized i forgot to budget my money...so now i have $8 and some change until next paycheck :oops: but i do have a interesting Manga i picked up and a book...and a full tummy also :lila: (the food is expensive x_x)

but my aunt picked me up afterwards and i fell asleep in the car sincei was so tired :roll: lol

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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Dec 15, 2002 4:26 am

i usually don't buy stuff when i go out, heh. just about all of my purchases are planned, and i guess my planning has worked thus far, since i haven't really had any financial troubles yet :)
although, the flipside of buying only what you planned on buying weeks ago, months, or whatever, is that it's probably not as fun :)
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Postby Nuxius » Sun Dec 15, 2002 9:49 pm

Yeah, pretty much all of my purchases are planned too. :D

Anyway, I go out a lot, these days. Back when I was developing websites and the like, I used to pretty much never go out... my free time was spent on TFAT. :lol:

Anyway, now that I look at myself back then, I don't really like what I see, so I try my best not to be like that now. *try*, at least. :oops:
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Postby Megafrost » Sun Dec 15, 2002 11:10 pm

I usually go to swim practice once a day every monday-friday, and some of my weekends will have swim meets, making me leave the house for them. Other than that, I barely get out at all.
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Postby Evlfrost » Tue Dec 17, 2002 12:21 am

I plan my purchases as well. I am rather thrifty and dont like to spend money.
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