Looking beyond one's own borders....

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Looking beyond one's own borders....

Postby Drazo » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:54 am

A American friend of mine was surprised that I mentioned about hurricane Sandy and its predicted path considering I'm not in America. In actuality, it isn't that unusual as I do check the BBC and numerous meteorological websites on a daily basis. A hurricane especially one that's going to hit the USA hardly goes by without making it to the new somewhere. Unless someone has been living under a rock, pretty much everyone here has at least heard about major hurricanes like Katrina. The BBC does indeed publish a lot of stories from around the world, both minor and major, but I think it's also something to do with the education and other media and how they present other countries. Since so many and so much depend on certain countries especially the USA, in general our interest in events in the USA seem to be a lot greater than that of the average American's interest in other countries (other than Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, etc). Most of all, I hear the USA's education doesn't cover a lot of ground in other countries. With most of their focus both in media and education, that is probably why not as many people actively seek out news and information from other countries that wouldn't normally concern them. I wonder if the media actually makes it seem either not interesting (one's own events are the only that matter) or unimportant to study or observe.

My point is, is it really that unusual for someone to be always up-to-date in significant events from countries other than one's own? Hurricane Sandy has made it to the news and is one of the top stories, so it's difficult to miss it.
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Re: Looking beyond one's own borders....

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:55 pm

I just saw this post lol.

Anyway I think you're probably right. Similarly, I think people in the US are probably more aware of what's going on at the national level than they are at the local / city level. Mainly because more people to go cnn.com or foxnews.com for their news than their own local news sites.
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