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Here's something interesting

Postby blackhole_percent » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:36 am

I have a friend, this guy I know kinda. We've been playing Runescape together for a while and I know him in real life...

A little while back he gave me a link to his friend's website and he said to go check it out because it just launched. My friend claims he worked with his friend to make a hack for Runescape and they made that website. Link deleted.

I trusted the guy, but sill I was kinda worried about doing it but I still tried it anyways. Best decision I ever made. It works, and my friend Scott even showed me how it worked (although I couldn't understand much of the Java :P ).

it's Link deleted. Just thought I'd share it with everyone here :) .

Moderator: Links removed. Hacks for Runescape make me think of cheats, which are totally not allowed here. There is too much risk for keyloggers.
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