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Postby dogeatsdog1 » Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:40 am

Atm i wear a d long,splitbark body. splitbark hat, slitbark legs and splitbark greaves and boots, i also wear a rune kite. i hav 2 ddps, 170k, a bunch of runes, all the essential stuff, extra boots and golve etc.

wot would any1 recommend me fitin or buyin????

Im combat lvl 71, with these stats

att- 60
str- 58
def- 55
hp- 61
mage- 41
range- 60
prayer- onli 35 :(
wc- 50
fletch- 50
minin- 57
smithin- 47
craftin- 45
fishin- 57
cookin- 58
da rest r crap!
I'M LVL 71
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