The rules of this forum (updated 5/27/04)

Fans and addicts of the popular online game can unite here to share tips or brag about their accomplishments.

The rules of this forum (updated 5/27/04)

Postby Megafrost » Sun Mar 30, 2003 11:01 pm

Welcome to the Runescape forum, where you may talk about this popular online game made by Jagex Ltd! Here are the forum rules:

1. All topics and posts must have something to do with Runescape. Anything off-topic will be moved to the appropiate forum.

2. Hold back on the dirty language whenever possible. Slight language is allowed, but don't go too far.

3. No stalking, harrassing, and other stuff banned by our Anti-harrassment policy.

4. Do not advertise drop partys and other such stuff if you're not hosting it yourself. We can't take the chance that you might be lying when you claim somebody else is having a drop party.

5. No asking others for their passwords, recovery questions, etc. Do not use FJ resources to buy, sell or share accounts.

6. No impersonating Jagex staff.

7. No flaming. No provoking others trying to get them to flame.

8. No anti-Runescape or anti-Frost remarks. Constructive criticism is allowed, but not pointless bashing.

9. Do not advertise Runescape cheats, trainers, helpers or anything else of the sort. Do not ask for the locations of these either, as they could possibly steal your password. Also, do not advertise scam websites.

10. Don't spam. This includes double-posting(two posts in a row in too short a period of time), making posts that consist only of a single word or smiley, and everything listed in rule #9.
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