New Features: Ice Cubes, Bank, Shop

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New Features: Ice Cubes, Bank, Shop

Postby Nyufrost » Sat Jun 28, 2003 8:41 am

Thanks to the wizardry of TerraFrost, we now a fun new system that uses ice cubes as a monetary unit; a store (featuring different shops) in which to spend your ice cubes and a bank where you can save your ice cubes. You can even gain 2% interest on your savings.

To start out, you have been given an amount of ice cubes that is equal to your total post count + tokens.

Moving forward, you will receive 5 ice cubes for each token you earn in the Contest Cooler, 2 ice cubes for every new topic you start and 1 ice cube for each reply you make.

You may use your cubes to buy custom titles, title effects, name effects, a new user name, a new title for someone else, an avatar or a signature. You can also use your ice cubes to collect frivolous items from other shops.

To make the new system fun and fair for all, we will be removing current privileges such as custom title, avatar and signature. This will not affect people who have already purchased titles and effects so far.

We hope you enjoy the new feature! Please post in The Foyer if you have any questions.
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