Frost Jedi Criteria

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Frost Jedi Criteria

Postby Nyufrost » Tue Apr 01, 2003 11:00 pm

From time to time, we receive inquiries from people wanting to know how they can "become a Frost" or join the Frost Jedi Clan.

Basic qualifications are ...
    Members should participate in approved offsite games together as a group representing the Frost Jedi OR be an active part of our RP group. This means you have created a character profile and actually participate.

    If members are playing a game together, they should participate in a thread about it ... for an example, please see our RuneScape forum.

    Members should have --or being willing to add-- a Frost suffix on their name but should not sign up as new members using the name Frost or they may be asked to change it.

    Members cannot have been a part of an opposition force to the Frost Jedi at any point

Please note that there is a waiting period for acceptance into the Frost Jedi Clan.

Anyone interested in joining should PM one of the Administrators. We will be posting ways to satisfy the criteria soon.
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