the western betrayal

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the western betrayal

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:35 am

Western betrayal wrote:The "betrayal" refers to the claim that the western Allies—in spite of having promoted democracy and self-determination, signing pacts and forming military alliances prior and during World War II—nonetheless betrayed their Central European allies by abandoning these pacts. For example by not preventing Nazi Germany from invading and occupying Czechoslovakia or abandoning its Polish ally during 1939 Polish September Campaign and 1944 Warsaw Uprising. After World War II, Western powers did nothing or very little to prevent these states from falling under the influence and control of Soviet communism.

Russia-United States relations wrote:On 14 August 2008, the United States and Poland agreed to have 10, two-stage missile interceptors - made by Orbital Sciences Corp - placed in Poland, as part of a missile shield to defend Europe and the US from a possible missile attack by Iran. In return, the US agreed to move a battery of MIM-104 Patriot missiles to Poland. The missile battery would be staffed - at least temporarily - by US Military personnel. The US also pledged to defend Poland - a NATO member - quicker than NATO would in the event of an attack. ... After the agreement was announced, Russian officials said defences on Russia's borders would be increased and that they foresee harm in bilateral relations with the United States

If Russia did conduct a major military operation, could the US, as stretched thin as it is in Iraq and Afghanistan, actually follow through on this little agreement? And even if they could, would they? All during the Cold War, the US and Russia never fought each other directly - they only ever really fought each other by proxy. Presumably the reason for this being nuclear weapons - a direct conflict might result in their use whereas a proxy fight might not.

As such, if Russia invaded Poland, it seems unlikely that the US would intervene. Only problem is... if the US didn't intervene, Poland would have a second "western betrayal" to contend with, at which point, it's doubtful that Poland would ever ally itself with the west ever again (well, at least in anyone's life time).

Poland and Russia aren't exactly friends, but a second western betrayal might change things a bit.
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Re: the western betrayal

Postby Rapscallion » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:00 pm

I'm sure if Russia invaded Poland, the country would do the whole "You better f***in get out, Russia!" thing and they'd pull back. If not, then you'd probably be right. I just hope that you won't be in this matter. O_O
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