Jena 6

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Jena 6

Postby Rapscallion » Thu Sep 20, 2007 5:24 pm

I had to rant about this somewhere, and hopefully I won't offend the entire world by doing so.

Personally, I think the six should be charged for aggravated assault and be sent on their way. I realize that the reason they attacked was because of a racist demonstration put on by two or three dumbasses, but why the hell would they be let off the hook? Were they not given a fair trial? Or has the term "fair trial" turned into "free the those who committed a blatant offense because they were harrassed minorities and crucify the white people who make politically incorrect jokes"? Of course the teens who hung the nooses around the tree weren't going to be punished. By what law would they be charged with? "Being stupid"? Is "creating a disturbance" supposed to be a jail-time worthy crime?? And, of course, to make matters worse, Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al "That's Racist!" Sharpton, like machines, have to come in on this and moan about how the justice system has failed and how blacks are still the victims of society in the 21st century. And it seems like most of the younger protesters there were saying, "I wasn't around for the civil rights movement of the 60s, but this seems close enough to it, so that's why I'm protesting." First off, I'm glad everyone is at least civilized enough to leave it at a peaceful demonstration. Second off, what the hell is the problem?? Nobody is being racist, except for those retards who hung nooses from a tree.
I know everyone is free to speak their opinion, but this is ridiculous. I'm glad they're expressing their opinions very loudly, but at the same time, I think they're acting like a bunch of droids! Something that brings race into IMMEDIATELY has to drag in every civil rights leader, and every descendent of a civil rights leader, and every single one of them has to demand that the guilty party that ISN'T white be let free, and the people who should (in my opinion), at most, be given a good talking to or a fine, need to be sent to prison.
If I'm offending anyone, sorry, but I get really angry when race is treated as anything more than childish ignorance.
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Re: Jena 6

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Sep 25, 2007 4:21 am

I don't know a whole lot about this, but according to,

Justin Sloan, a white male, was charged with simple battery for his role in the fight and was put on probation.

Seems like a reciprocal charge for the Jena 6 might be in order. Sure, the person they beat up was more seriously injured, but when you have six people engaging in "simple battery", it seems likely that you'll get worse injuries then you would when one person engages in it...

By what law would they be charged with? "Being stupid"? Is "creating a disturbance" supposed to be a jail-time worthy crime??

According to (again)...

According to U.S. Attorney Donald Washington, the FBI agents who investigated the incident and the federal officials who examined it found that it "had all the markings of a hate crime." However, it could not be prosecuted as such because it failed to meet federal standards required for the teens to be certified as adults.

Teens are persecuted as adults all the time. See, for example, Wilson v. State of Georgia. I'm pretty sure teens even younger then 16 are tried as adults from time to time, as well, so I'm not sure why here they wouldn't be.

Personally, though, I think laws involving minimum ages are silly. I think plenty of people younger then 18 are just as capable at making informed decisions for elections as are people over 18, for consensual sex, for crimes, etc.
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