Masculine outlook on looks vs feminine

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Masculine outlook on looks vs feminine

Postby Roadkill » Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:08 pm

I think it has become apparent to me now that men, or atleast those who attend college, care just as much about looks as women. they dress in matching clothes, wear nice shirts and pants, care for their shoes a little more. We apply acne medication just as diligently, work out to keep our bodies 'fit', and yada yada. I mean heck, body spray is now more prominent than perfume. Yeck (though i do like old spice, applied lightly-moderately). Our only difference is that we generally don't use make up, though we do tend to take note of how often we should shave or how our beards/mustaches should be trimmed.

Now here's where the difference lies. If a man breaks his nose, and it heals, it is left a little crooked or with a knot in it. Not very sexy but people generally accept it, and especially respect it, even maybe admire it. Same for a good scar (though people with light beards don't like any scaring as it generally ruins the effect of the beard). Even the most non boyish screwed faces in the world are atractive in their own right.Well, that is short of having your face shredded by shrapnel or a bad nose job, or other serious implication. Or being born without skin, and i withhold the right to make exceptions for other things as they pop into my head.

I was wondering if perhaps women felt any different? Stereotype busting... i mean.
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