Vancouver transit cops to get guns

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Postby TerraFrost » Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:19 am

I'm all for them being there and keeping the sky train safe, but they shouldn't take their job frustration out on innocent commuters.

Maybe they're trying to keep the sky trains safe by making it such that no commutor would want to ride on one!
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Postby tsian » Mon Apr 25, 2005 6:47 am

Ever notice them giving tickets to people on the 1st of the month when they don't have the latest monthly pass!? Even if they have monthly passes for the last 3 months in their wallet. This is clearly a paying transit customer but the transit assholes still give them tickets and are probably pretty proud of it.

Actually, No. I've never seen them give people with a recently expired pass a ticket. I've also never seen them ticket someone with an out-of-zone fare. I've only seen them take people with out-of-zone fares off to buy an add-fare.

Sure sure. I was perfectly prepared to show my fare and he could have avoided all this business with getting mad and yelling if he was just nice enough to show me some ID as well.

Sure, and he should have shown his ID. But if he's a uniformed cop, you probably should have just shown the fare.

Maybe I should have said that I'm clearly dressed like a student so you should just assume I have a UPASS.

While I understand the sentiment, at last check neither SFU or UBC were offering distinct uniforms to U-Pass holders.

trying to look all tough by travelling in packs of 4 of 5.

They travel in groups of 2 for safety. I rarely see more than that, unless it is 2 skytrain cops with 2 skytrain attendants, which is different than 4 cops.

do they wear uniforms like "police officers"?

Yes. Skytrain special constables are police constables.

Anyways, they can certainly be dicks on occasion, but theres no point in making their job more difficult than it has to be.
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