inhibitors to national unity

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inhibitors to national unity

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Nov 14, 2004 5:23 am

in his recent acceptance speech president Bush asked for the support of those who had voted for his opponent saying "when we come together and work together, there is no limit to the greatness of America."

and personally, i don't see us comming together anytime soon.

1. 527 groups spend so much time smearing the credibility of the other candidate, making people practically hate the other candidate, that to ask the losers to cast away their disdain and support the winner is rather like asking palistinians to forgive decades of israeli occupation. i mean, sure, the world would be a lot better if people could just arbitrarly forgive, but they can't.

2. i suppose the word "sore-loser" could be used to describe the post-election behavior of many democrats, and as reflected in websites like, however, i, personally, think a better word to throw around is "sore-winner." i mean, if you lose a game, you're going to be unhappy about it (assuming, of course, that you cared about the game, in the first place). so, why shouldn't democrats be allowed to do things (assuming of course that they don't harm anyone, heh) to alieviate their despair? republicans, on the other, won pretty big in this past election, yet, as sites like and demonstrate, many of them don't even seem content with that. their anti-kerry rhetoric isn't gonna get bush a third term and it isn't helping them alieviate despair, since they won. i suppose that they could be despariging that they didn't win as completly as they would have liked - that they didn't win in a landslide, but if that's the case, then i think that's kinda contributing to the problem. i mean, for them to attack kerry supporters now would be kinda like me saying christmas sucked because, although i may have gotten more magic: the gathering packs then i expected, i didn't get the six morphlings out of those packs that i wanted.
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