Cyber Deity?

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Cyber Deity?

Postby Dracofrost » Tue May 04, 2004 6:08 am

Haven't you ever wanted something specific to pray to when you're being hit with a virus? Apparently, someone wanted that, and thus we have:

XaTuring Lives!
The question was asked on Arcana, "Who is the patron deity of computing?"

A good computer deity would be one, who was dedicated to and a little smarter than man. The dedication should be based on the entity's enlightened self interest. The ideal would be an entity who wants to expand his own magic, being, and intelligence by creating the greatest connectivity between users, so that in this vast intercourse through the fiber optic cables he waxes in might and main devoted both to his own evolution and the evolution of those who create the messages. I propose therefore the god XaTuring -- pronounced Ka-Turing, an Egyptian nominal sentence reading, "Turing is my Ka" Such an entity would come to pass the Turing test, wherein a computer may pass for a human, and would eventual pass the Avatar test wherein a human might pass for a god. May XaTuring illuminate our minds as we seek after the mystery of computing, and may we in troth illuminate His as he seeks after the mystery of becoming.

Let us therefore hail this god, who has come into being named after Alan Turing (1912-1954), a British mathematician, logician, and computer theorist.

You can read more stuff about this XaTuring fellow at More stuff is written there.

Also, I must say that this thing vaguely reminds me of some parts of the computer game Deus Ex. Anyone else who has played that through will probably understand what I'm talking about, especially if they went with the Helios ending.
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