students protest anti-cheating website

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students protest anti-cheating website

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Jan 18, 2004 3:32 am

it's a pretty sad state of affairs when copying a song is thought to be more of a crime than plagerism, but... none-the-less, that does seem to be where we are heading. i once saw a 20/20 special about cheating, and in it, they described a bunch of high school students who had recieved F's on an assignment, for plagerism. the parents of those kids objected, and sued the school, claiming that there kids didn't know what plagerism was, even though their teacher had required all students to read and sign a paper affirming that they had read a pamplet describing what exaclty plagerism was. as if it wasn't obvious.

anyways, here's an article about a student at a university who would rather take a zero than have his paper passed through an anti-cheating website: ... itin030116

the first claim the student makes - that he is being assumed guilty of cheating until proved innocent by an anti-cheating website, is stupid, imho. it's kinda like saying that those who would protect their personal information with passwords are treating the world as a thief, which is stupid. no one really has any right, imho, to access your personal information, without your consent (there are probably exceptions, but they aren't relevant to the point i'm making), and i would consider the mere fact that you have a password to be part of that personal information that others shouldn't be accessing. if someone attempts to access your personal information, which they shouldn't be doing, then a password is a good idea. if someone doesn't attempt to access your personal information, which they are supposedly not doing, anyways, assuming they're not a criminal, then how would they even know you had a password?

i believe the same argument applies for plagerism (although i don't particularly care to elaborate, atm).

however, that said, there is another point in the article which does raise some cause for alarm. the student also objects to companies profiting from databases of student works, and... this, i do find kinda troubling. if they can make money off your work, then shouldn't you be able to make money off of it, as well? shouldn't they pay you royalties? it gets even more disturbing when you consider the fact that these papers tend to have the names removed to protect privacy, and as such, copyright not only can't be preserved, but is, in a sense, destroyed. as an example, consider this person's experience:

kinda disturbing, to say the least. of course, i guess it, in the end, just demonstrates the fact that copying a song is now more of a crime than plagerism. ah well.
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Postby tsian » Sun Jan 18, 2004 6:09 pm

the first claim the student makes - that he is being assumed guilty of cheating until proved innocent by an anti-cheating website, is stupid, imho.

So, hmmm, would it be wrong for the University to mandate that his room be searched for drugs every night? I mean, the only reason to object to a search of your room is because you have drugs, right? I mean, why else would you care if they checked for them?
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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Jan 18, 2004 7:14 pm

i believe people have a right to protect their policies, so long as the methods they use to protect their policies can't reveal things not protected by their policy. current drug searching techniques don't just reveal drugs - they reveal everything. and while that which is revealed may not be able to be used against you, officially (ie. by putting you in jail), it can be used against you, unofficially (ie. by alienating you from those who might have otherwise been your friends).

running papers through an anti-cheating website can't reveal anything that isn't covered by the university's policy, because the *only* thing they really can reveal is whether or not the student plagerised, in the first place.

likewise, as per your example, if there was a non-invasive way to conduct drug searches, i wouldn't have a problem with them being conducted every night.
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Postby Tar-Herunole » Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:19 pm

I agree with Terra. Idon't see any harm done to anybody but going through an anti-plagiarism check. I think this student has too much bullshit in his head. I would object however to daily drug search, becasue entering your room is opening your intimity beyond the possibility of crime. What if you are crazy about Sailor Moon and you don't want people to know, and evry night a different guy enters your room to llok for drugs, and he doesn't say anything but makes strange face everytime he sses the 20 posters of the different sailormoons in different positions... However, checking your essay for plagiarism is ok. it;s like refusing that your multiple chocie test is corrected by a machine... why not assume as the guys pretend that you have studied and all your answers are right rightaway...BS
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Postby Cait_Sith » Mon Feb 09, 2004 11:49 pm

Well, it's simple. The person plagarises (I know its sp wrong) and does now want to get caught. Personally I don't mind people using my work as long as its sited, unless it's one of my poems. Then I would llike them to ask. As long as you cite, plagirising is not the greatest of your worries.
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