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Postby paleofrrrost » Sat Feb 21, 2004 5:52 pm

Neerowolf wrote:.... and I don't want to die a virgin! :cry:

Well, I wouldn't want to die a virgin either, unless she asked me to, and specified what color. ;)

EDIT: Oh! You said "die"! I thought you said "dye"! :lol
"The old dog lay in the snow, huge soft flakes drifting down around him, waiting for his master, not knowing he would never come."
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Postby Murrian » Sun Apr 18, 2004 6:50 pm

Everything that will happen will happen, regardless of what we do to prevent it. We see a plague so we huddle all the sick people together to prevent it and end up creating one (Philip Kindred Dick - loosly quoted ;) ).
With that in mind i wouldn't do squat to save the rest of you st00pid muthaImage meat puppets and indulge my every hedonistic fantasy i could get away with - ie carry on as normal :D
But seriously - how would you know you vision wasn't just a bad dream? Even if you did know it wasn't - the future's history, you cannot alter it's path - if you did, it would no longer be the future.
All this talk reminds me of a bad dream i had a while ago, This guy that looks like a monkey got elected as president of the USA by some dodgy dealing with a very rich man. He then declared war to secure further money for him and his pals at the cost of millions of innocent people and threw the planet into a worldwide civil war which ended in a nuclear holocaust...
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