freedom vs. determinism

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freedom vs. determinism

Postby TerraFrost » Sat Nov 01, 2003 9:47 pm

whether or not our actions are determined of our own free volution, or were predetermined since the begining of time is a question as timeless as whether or not we have souls, whether or not god exists, etc.

now, it's easy to see how freedom and determinism are mutually exclusive. if there is freedom, but no such thing as determinism, we are the makers of our own fate. this is often called libertarianism. additionally, if there is no such thing as freedom, but there is determinism, then we are but slaves to fate. this view is often called hard determinism.

but what about how freedom and determism are mutually inclusive? that's not so easy to see. compatabilism is pretty much the view that there is both freedom and determinism, and, according to this view, we are subject to determinism *unless* we set our minds to something. the view that there is neither freedom or determinism was pretty much, and indeed the reason for this post, was pretty much dismissed in my philosophy class that i took, a year or so ago (iirc). first, fate isn't the only thing we're slaves too. we are slaves to the laws of nature, as well. atleast if you assume that consciousness doesn't already defy nature. so, that explains away freedom. what about determinism? well, whom ever said that the laws of nature were predetermined? whom ever said that it was preordained a billion years ago that the sky would be (not) cloudy today? no one. and, in fact, there seems to be some evidence to suggest that there is no way it could have been predetermined, and that it is, in fact, random. here's a link that talks about the inherient randomness of nature:
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