consciousness vs. intellegence

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consciousness vs. intellegence

Postby TerraFrost » Tue Apr 08, 2003 7:33 am

i was looking at some old posts of mine on usenet, through the google archive, and came accross an interesting argument i once made :)

here it is, reposted:

the most rewarding part of consious life is the mystery that
encompasses it. if math is the language of the absolute and of
relating empirical observations, then, music is the language of
the relative. to be conscious is not enough to meerly be aware,
but instead, is when one is aware enough to question. however, i
believe that very few people truely have consciousness. i
believe it is something discovered, or rediscovered, as the case
may be.
according to maslow's hierarchy of needs, the highest level of
motivation is the desire for self-actualization. the desire to
appreciate the mysteries of life. but, only 3% of the worlds
population is this way, as most are still trying to satisfy an
even lower level.
however, not even this 3% truely has consciousness. to
appreciate the mysteries of life is far more an easier task than
discovering them for yourself. most who are at maslow's
self-actualizing level only appreciate. that may be enough to
survive in an environment where all the other needs are
satisfied, but, it isn't consciousness. being at this level
gives a purpose to being, but, no more. it is instinct to be
greedy, avaristic (or else a trait learned at such a young age,
it is almost inseperable from instinct). fully realizing ones
self-actualized potential gives people a power. it satisfies
greed. it is these people who are presidents, conqueres, great
scientists, or whatever. this, like conscoiusness, is something
that is discovered, but, unlike consciousness, it doesn't
create. it tries to explain. math is the language of those who
have reached their self-actualized potential. though they may
think in a relativistic language, they desire order, and
those who are conscious, however, create. they are masters of
the relative. music is their language. it can be harmonious,
without being ordered.
if newton did not develop calculus, some one else would have
(actually, i think lebiniz invented it at the same time,
independantly, also...), but if peter ilich tchiacovsky hadn't
developed the 1812 overture, opus 49, in 1880, no one would have.
consciousness is a very rare gift.

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