Contest Cooler rules(updated 05/19/04)

Want a challenge? Then this is the forum for you. Partake in contests or trivia games for a chance to win Tokens.

Contest Cooler rules(updated 05/19/04)

Postby Megafrost » Thu Jan 09, 2003 5:55 pm

This is the place where you can participate and host contests, and gain tokens! Here are the rules:

General posting rules:

1. No flaming, and no coaxing others to flame you. Changed

2. No lying.

3. Hold back on the cussing.(You can cuss, but don't go as extreme as the F-word)

4. No spamming. Double posting, advertising websites and making one word replies that don't contribute anything to a conversation are all within my definition of spam and will not be tolerated in this forum. Changed

Contest rules:

1. You may not post more than 3 trivia in one week.

2. Standard trivia consists of 5 questions, lasts 1 week, is worth 1 token, and you get 1 guess. If you wish to host non-standard trivia, go ahead and post it, and I'll make changes based on the difficulty of the contest.

3. If a trivia expires with no correct answer having been given, the host must post the answers to the trivia. I will then award 1 token to the trivia host. If you wish to contest the answers, PM me or one of the admins about it.

4. A trivia that asks questions about yourself, your life, etc. will be considered "personal" trivias. If you host a personal trivia, be sure to PM me the answers.

5. You can attempt to disqualify another member from your trivia. In your opening post, state who you wish to disqualify and why. Depending on the reasoning, I may let it pass.

6. If you post a contest here, please do not post the exact same contest anywhere else. If you post a contest elsewhere, please do not post the exact same contest here.

7. There will occasionally be a contest, which is worth more than a trivia. They will have special rules, and most likely be worth more tokens than a trivia. Be on the look-out for these!

8. You are not allowed to set up a trivia so that people have to pay ice cubes to you in any way. It is not fair to the other users for you to do such a thing. The admins and pre-admins of course, are above my rule.

9. Note that each token you recieve will get you 50 ice cubes.

10. Have fun! :)
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