Simple Haiku Contest

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Simple Haiku Contest

Postby Nyufrost » Sat Aug 09, 2003 11:50 pm

Ok, this is not going to be elaborate and drawn out with a formal judging panel and all that. The way it works is like this ....

1. Do not post your haiku here

2. Do not post here that you are submitting a haiku

3. Submit your haiku to me by PM and it will be posted anonymouosly

4. Voting will be open to everyone via a poll that will be posted at the end of the deadline

5. If you want to vote for yourself then do so

6. You may submit up to 5 haikus

7. They can be on any subject as long as it is family oriented material

What is a haiku? It is a form of poetry which consists of 3 lines. The first line is 3 or 5 syllables, the second is 5 or 7 syllables and the 3rd is 3 or 5 syllables. So, it can be 3, 5, 3 or 5, 7, 5. Now, the catch is that each haiku contains a fragment and a phrase. Normally, the first line is the fragment and the next two lines are the phrase but it can be done in reverse.


JoeBob ran
Bombs burst in the sky
scaring birds

Dumb, but effective. :bah

The deadline for entering is one week from now. So, start PMing me those haikus, everyone. :)

The winner will get 5 tokens and 25 ice cubes. In the event of a tie, there will be a second poll.
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