Foreign film Nighwatch -- my review

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Foreign film Nighwatch -- my review

Postby Roadkill » Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:26 am ... index.html

I am told that there will be a couple changes in the American release, and any changes made specifically for America are generally stupid and frustrating, so i highly recommend, if you have a DVD player capable of playing dvds from any region, acquiring the Russian version.

First off, this is the first in a series of 3 movies, based on the books by a popular russian author. Their theme is this:

There have always been "others" around mankind. the witches, vampires, and shapeshifters who tap their power from the gloom (also translated as twilight). they ahve generally aligned themselves with either good or evil, depending upon on how they choose to use their powers. vampires and witches tend to dark, and shapeshifters light. Some time ago, the armies of darkness and light crossed paths and fell into battle. both generals came to realize that if they fought till the end there would be no one left. So they made an agreement, a truce, set down rules for which others must live so that one side may not fringe against the other side. The light ones would form the Night Watch to ensure that the dark side would not break the pact, and the dark formed the Day Watch. That is, until the balance shifted noticeably for one side or the other. A thousand years after that pact was made, the balance seems to be on the verge of shifting.

Anton (resembles nicholas cage) is an other. Like seemingly many of his kind, he did not become aware of it until he saw others like him through the gloom, these others that prevented him from using a witch to ultimately bring his former wife/gf back to his side, though for this spell he would bear a sin on his own soul. Years later we see Anton as a light other, working for the Night Watch. this is where the story becomes complicated.

If you have ADD i do not recommend this film to you. There is much to peice together, and it spawns many questions. It took me a while of thought before i connected everything together after watching the movie. Some of the characters that appear in the movie now only seem to interupt the flow of it, but i am told that these people will become important in other movies. curses and magic, fate and freewill are common themes. This is a very cool movie, but also a very thoughtful movie. Otherwise, just wait for the book release in 2006.

The american release for the movie will be in fall/winter.

I enjoyed the movie, despite how weird and different it was. I recommend it for everyone to atleast sample.

A couple notes. Fox Searchlight was the first to locate and contract Night Watch. They will fund the last part of the movie, as well as the TV series.

The director is nota big fan of magic -- the magic in th emovie, i'm told is highly toned down from the amount of shapeshifting and magic in the book.

The movie is loosely based on the book, events play out differently in the movie, presumably to make the story more dramatic.

what was reportedly changed in the american release: A russian couple on a doomed airplane were cut out entirely. The subs were made too look cooler, but they lack substance (crappy subs, again!). A russian cartoon on a TV was replaced by Buffy (wtf?). Russian music (which i liked), is replaced with american/british music. as well as a few other things.
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Postby chaotic century » Wed Aug 31, 2005 8:48 pm

why do they have to change it so much? I guess the same message gets across but still, it's not what it used to be. sounds quite interesting and I look forward to seeing it or possibly reading it.
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