best and worst TV imports from the US to the UK

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best and worst TV imports from the US to the UK

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:52 pm

[The survey] ranked the 25 best U.S. imports, with "The Simpsons," "Dallas," "MASH," "24" and "The Larry Sanders Show" leading the pack.

"Broadcast'"s 10 Worst U.S. Imports:

1. "Baywatch"

2. "The Anna Nicole Show"

3. "The Dukes of Hazzard"

4. "Wild Palms"

5. "Manimal"

6. "The Jerry Springer Show"

7. "Knots Landing"

8. "Falcon Crest"

9. "The Bold and the Beautiful"

10. "Extreme Makeover"

read more on the survey here.
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Postby Rapscallion » Tue Nov 30, 2004 2:42 am

that practically takes the cake.
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Postby Rao » Tue Nov 30, 2004 8:31 pm

Yeah, that about sums it up right there, save Dukes of Hazzard, i love that show.
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