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House -- Tuseday nights on Fox

Postby Roadkill » Wed Nov 17, 2004 9:29 pm

anyone watch this last night? i did. and loved it.

basically, it's another doctor series. But rather than being about the drama of the E.R. and other things (which is precisely what ER was), we have a very different presentation.

Doctor House is not a people person. he's been around the business for a while (in fact, he owes his boss 2054 hours in clinic work, soemthing he despises), but he just isn't very good with his patients. He's crippled in one leg, and is often bombarded with threats of being fired. But frankly, he's the best doctor. How he thinks, and works, is different from the average joe, which is what makes him so succesful. take how he hired his staff for instance -- he hired one doctor for having good college tutoring and having a delinquent record, he hired another because of a phone call from the dude's (rich, or important, presumably) dad, and the other because she was pretty -- which proves she was hardworking.

bleh, hard to describe. complicated thought process/ i like it.
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