Michael Jackson Unmasked

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Michael Jackson Unmasked

Postby Nyufrost » Sun Jan 19, 2003 8:09 pm

NBC's "Dateline" with Tom Brokaw will be dedicating an entire show to Michael Jackson's face on February 17th.

The show won't feature an interview with Jackson himself but just some "insider scoops" from some people who "know him well."

I thought "Dateline" was supposed to be a serious news show and not a tabloid gossip show! Blah! :roll:

I think Michael Jackson is an awesome entertainer and if he wants to alter his looks then so what? That has nothing to do with how well he can sing or dance. Just like Brittney Spears being "hot" has nothing to do with her musical talent or lack thereof.

I think the press should just leave Michael Jackson alone. :)
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