'harry potter 4' movie gets 2005 release date

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'harry potter 4' movie gets 2005 release date

Postby TerraFrost » Wed Apr 14, 2004 5:46 pm

'Harry Potter 4' Gets 2005 Release Date
April 13, 2004

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Harry Potter junkies will get their boy wizard fix for two years running.

A mere year and a half after "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" opens this June, Potter-heads will return to theaters for the fourth installment of the fantasy franchise. Warner Bros. has announced that it will target a November 18, 2005 release date for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

"Goblet" centers on the now 14-year-old Harry who enters into the Triwizard Tournament against two rival wizardry schools, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. He is one of the lucky (or unlucky) contenders who must pass three supreme tests, one that features dragons. Harry also enters a less dangerous but equally frightening arena: his first school dance. Mike Newell directs the fourth film.

The studio had previously enjoyed successful November openings for the first two films in the series.

In the meantime, poor Harry his friends Ron and Hermione return as teenagers to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for their third year of study, where they delve into the mystery surrounding an escaped prisoner who poses a dangerous threat to the young wizard in "Azkaban." The Alfonso Cuaron-directed film opens super-wide on Friday, June 4.
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Postby OmegaFrost » Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:43 pm

helps remind me of the greates trait of the books themselves, Harry potter is almost always the same age as me... Its good becasue atleast for me I dont ahve to deal with a reading about a brat everytime but someone of my own maturity, well maybe a bit elss but you get the point.

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Postby Dev » Wed Apr 14, 2004 9:59 pm

Terrafrost is the movie/book jedi reporter, just as Nyufrost is a new/criminal jedi reporter..
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Postby chaotic century » Wed Apr 21, 2004 12:54 am

haha i like hp the books are great lol but i think hes kinda gay in the 5th book lol
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Postby TerraFrost » Sun Jul 04, 2004 5:57 pm

Principal photography is now underway on Warner Bros. Pictures' Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth film adaptation of J.K. Rowling's much loved Harry Potter novel series.

With production based at England's Leavesden Studios, the film is directed by Mike Newell (Mona Lisa Smile, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and produced by David Heyman. The screenplay is by Steve Kloves, who has penned the screenplays for all three previous Harry Potter films. David Barron (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) serves as executive producer.

Joining the ensemble are several new cast members, led by esteemed actor Brendan Gleeson (Troy, Cold Mountain), who plays Hogwarts' new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Mad-Eye Moody. Frances De La Tour (The Cherry Orchard, Strike it Rich) plays the Headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Madame Maxime; Roger Lloyd-Pack (Vanity Fair, BBC TV's Only Fools and Horses) plays the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Barty Crouch; Pedja Bjelac (Eurotrip) plays Durmstrang Professor Igor Karkaroff; Jeff Rawle (Inspector Calls II, Baal, TV's "Drop the Dead Donkey") plays Amos Diggory; and David Tennant (Bright Young Things) plays Barty Crouch Jr.

New additions to the young cast include Robert Pattinson (The Ring) as Cedric Diggory; Stanislav Ianevski as Quidditch star Viktor Krum; Clemence Poesy (Bienvenue chez les Rozes, Petite Soeur) as Fleur Delacour; and Katie Leung as Cho Chang.

Daniel Racliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Tom Felton once again reprise the roles of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and their archrival Draco Malfoy, respectively. In the roles of fellow Hogwarts students are Matthew Lewis as Neville; Devon Murray as Seamus; Jamie Waylett as Crabbe; Joshua Herdman as Goyle; Alfie Enoch as Dean; Oliver and James Phelps as Fred and George Weasley; and Chris Rankin as Percy.

Returning to the adult ensemble are Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid; Michael Gambon as Headmaster Albus Dumbledore; Robert Hardy as Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge; Shirley Henderson as Moaning Myrtle; Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy; Gary Oldman as Sirius Black; Alan Rickman as Professor Snape; Dame Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall; Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew; and Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley.

The production also welcomes back production designer Stuart Craig (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets); director of photography Roger Pratt (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets); costume designer Jany Temime (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban); VFX supervisor Jim Mitchell (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets); and creature effects and make-up supervisor Nick Dudman (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Mick Audsley (Mona Lisa Smile, High Fidelity) joins Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as editor.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be released in November 2005 by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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Postby TerraFrost » Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:03 am

another one of the cast members for this movie has been named...

Fiennes Named As 'Harry Potter's' Lord Voldemort
August 5, 2004

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Ralph Fiennes will put a face on evil for the next "Harry Potter" installment.

The 41-year-old actor will star as the nefarious Lord Voldemort in the Mike Newell-directed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

The fourth part of the blockbuster fantasy series, based on the books by J.K. Rowling, marks a turning point for the boy wizard who meets with the evil Death Eaters, experiences his first crush and witnesses the death of a friend. In "Goblet," Harry enters a contest known as the Triwizard Tournament, which includes competitors from three wizarding schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

Lord Voldemort, aka You-Know-Who or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has hitherto appeared only in spirit form after a backfired spell leaves him without a body. Harry's nemesis was actually born Tom Marvolo Riddle, which is an anagram of "I am Lord Voldemort." The wicked wizard killed Harry's parents and in ways, complements the boy. Not only do the two wield identical wands, but they also both speak Parseltongue, the language of snakes.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson return to "Goblet" as Hogwarts students Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Other new additions to the "Harry Potter" family include: Brendan Gleeson as Mad-Eye Moody, Robert Pattinson as Harry's friend Cedric Diggory, Stanislav Ianevski as Quidditch star Viktor Krum, French actress Clemence Poesy as Beauxbatons student Fleur Delacour and Katie Leung as Harry's love interest Cho Chang.

Filming began in late June, and "Goblet" is set for a November 2005 release.

Fiennes' film credits include "Schindler's List," "Quiz Show" and "Red Dragon." He next appears in the upcoming films "The Chumscrubber" and "The Constant Gardener."
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Postby TerraFrost » Thu May 12, 2005 4:31 am

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