The rulez (read them please...)

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The rulez (read them please...)

Postby Neerowolf » Tue Aug 19, 2003 1:10 am

Ok, Now as official Moderator of the Entertainment Igloo, I have decided to set up some rules and guidelines for this forum.

1. THIS IS NOT ARCTIC ARCADE! This has nothing to do with video games, or computer games. Any threads/posts of this nature shall be immediately deleted and a thread will be made in the ToB where everyone will laugh at you for making the mistake. :crazy

2. Spam. I tend to be a bit easier on spam posts, and as long as its relatively on topic I'll allow it. If its just out of the blue like, "I'm the silver pickle!" then It'll be deleted. Do not encourage it here, we have a Gi-normous forum for spam, but this is not it.

3. Express yourself. Sure, these are pretty on-topic, but don't be afraid to tell everyone that you hated the movie, or you think the show is stupid, as long as you have reasons and you're not putting anyone down in the process. If you have no idea whats going on, please don't post.

4. Everyone shall respect and adore me. THAT'S A RULE!

5. I don't like swearing. You can do it if you fell like it, but try to ease up on it, or use ** in the middle. Anyone who doesn't agree to this shall face my mod-dy wrath! :mad

6. No sexually oriented themes or comments. You prolly already have the idea, but I have mod powers, so I'll cut it out and warn you.

7. No dancing bananas unless you get permission from me.

8. Have fun! Thats pretty straight-forward.
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