live-action akira

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live-action akira

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Aug 03, 2003 5:24 pm

i think i've posted about it before, but here's some news on it, for all you anime fans...

Live-Action Akira Loses Director
But the film is back in development, says Warner Bros.
August 01, 2003 - After a turbulent and unsatisfying experience making The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, director Stephen Norrington is calling it quits with Hollywood. According to a Los Angeles Times article two weeks ago, the forty-year-old director has written a letter to producers working on projects for him, letting them know he'll no longer be available.

That means another snag for Warner Brothers' live-action Akira film, which Norrington had agreed to direct several months earlier. The latest issue of Wizard magazine has confirmed his quitting the project. "I have dropped out of all my Hollywood development deals because I want to pursue more creative avenues," Norrington told the publication. [source:] LXG was only Norrington's fourth film, and it's not clear what he plans to do next.

Warner Bros. say Akira is back in development, despite the setback. Hollywood scribe James Robinson is working on a script while the studio shops for a new director. Robinson also wrote the widely panned LXG, as well as 2002's Comic Book Villains.
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