New rules(updated 1/27/02)

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New rules(updated 1/27/02)

Postby Megafrost » Thu Jan 09, 2003 5:41 pm

Since this forum has now been split into two, I am updating the rules. This will also give me an opportunity to put down the rules in a simpler form.

Here are the rules:

1. No flaming.

2. No lying.

3. No fanboyish comments.

4. No advertising your website or anything else here.(note: You may link to a website in purposes of showing an image, sound file or movie file for talking about games)

5. Hold back on the cussing.(We currently do not have any all-around rules for how much language is allowed. You can cuss here, but nothing to the extreme of the F-word)

6. Do NOT publicly post a link to an Emulator or a ROM. You are however, allowed to PM other members giving them a link if they ask for one.

7. Have fun! :)
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