Mike Tyson vs. Dracula

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Mike Tyson vs. Dracula

Postby Nyufrost » Tue Aug 05, 2003 3:35 am

Yes, Draco and I do have some weird conversations ... :p

karenk555: Im Mike Tyson! Im the baddest man on the planet!
NimrodConjuror: I'm Vlad the Impaler!
NimrodConjuror: *impales you upon a stake and leaves to you twitch*
NimrodConjuror: :-p
karenk555: hehe
karenk555: I am now Mike Tyson, the baddest undead man on the planet!
NimrodConjuror: Blahaha, haha! That's vhat you think!
karenk555: *jabs right* *jabs left* *goes for a 1-2 combo to the belly* *sneaks in a low blow* *sinks teeth into neck* *finishes with a vicious uppercut to the jaw*
karenk555: Im the champ,. Im the champ
NimrodConjuror: *turns into mist at the first punch, avoiding all blows, then re-materialising behind him*
NimrodConjuror: Blahaha! Vhat do you take me for, some simpleton?
karenk555: hey! what the...? it worked on evander holyfield
NimrodConjuror: He vasn't Translyvannian
karenk555: I demand a recount of the judges votes
NimrodConjuror: *looks into the eyes of the Judges* I von.
karenk555: thats not fair! I won I won Mike Tyson always wins! Im the baddest man on the planet!
NimrodConjuror: Ughh... americans... *hisses and then flutters off into the night*
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