I have to keep hitting teh Submit button

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I have to keep hitting teh Submit button

Postby Drazo » Thu Nov 22, 2007 2:32 pm

Because it keeps saying, and I quote:

The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.

Number of times I had to hit Submit to get this posted: 3
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Re: I have to keep hitting teh Submit button

Postby TerraFrost » Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:50 am


edit: didn't have to do anything, special, myself. I just updated to the latest version of phpBB3 so that may have caused the problem, I guess...

edit2: I seem to get it, too, if I don't compose my post / response very quickly. I tried purging phpBB's cache, though. Maybe that'll resolve the issue :)

edit3: just tried to duplicate the conditions that led to the error before and I'm not getting it. Looks as though purging the cache fixed it :)
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