RIP: The Shop Hack

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RIP: The Shop Hack

Postby TerraFrost » Sun Apr 17, 2005 10:33 pm

With almost 30,000 downloads from, alone, Zarath's Shop Hack is more popular than most. It's a shame that such a popular hack can be so poorly written. It uses hardcoded language, hardcoded SQL table names, doesn't follow the MOD template as provided on (and as such, doesn't install with EasyMOD), and doesn't work on a virgin phpBB installation without some additional modifications. As a member of the phpBB MOD Team, I can safely say that this hack would never make it into's database.

That, of course, didn't deter me from installing the hack, anyway. However, recent events have convinced me - security is more important than features, and although I don't know if Zarath's Shop Hack is, in and of itself, secure (believe it or not, it does take time to look through MODs for vulnerabilities), it has prevented me from implementing something that will improve the security of this board. Namely, changing the table prefix to something random. As I'm not uber interested in hacking this poorly written MOD even more than I already have, it's now been uninstalled.

An additional consequence of this is that the whole point system on FJ has become pretty much useless. I'll try to remove these other hacks at some later date.

So, anyway, in short, I apologize to those who liked it, and, ummm... I hope that those who forced me to uninstall it get, ummm... sent to abu ghraib prison, or something, heh.
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