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World Facts

Postby Dracofrost » Mon Feb 21, 2005 3:27 am

This will be a slowly growing list of data about the Frost Jedi world and it's solar system, subject to change as this is further developed. More information will be added later. Names for the planet, continents, and moons are in the old tongue of the original inhabitants; they have borne other names in different groups.

Degemoth (pronounced dE-ge-m&th, like Behemoth) orbits it's primary, a G0 class main sequence star named Bhelst (pronunced belst), at about 1.19 AUs. This translates to an orbital radius of 178,143,052 kilometers. It takes 594 seconds for light from the star to reach the planet, or roughly ten minutes.

The year consists of 430.995 days, 431 days to simplify the calendars. Each day lasts approximately 25.2 earth hours. To further explain, the roughly 10,200 years of recorded history since the stranding of the carrier which initially brought the Jedi to Degemoth, are Degemothan years. This translates to about 12638 earth years. So, the 7,128 years Giga and the other reawoken Frost Jedi spent asleep, comes to about 8,832 earth years.

Degemoth had two moons. The large volcanic one is named Reugst (pronounced rE-ugst), the smaller one was named Menest (pronounced mEn-est). Menest orbited the planet in retrograde, and slowly spiralled in until it was torn to pieces by tidal forces. Now Degemoth has one moon, Reugst, and a ring, Menes (pronounced mE-nes). Menest was rich in Magicryst, consequently rocks of the highly magical material occasionally fall to the planet from the glittering, prismatic ring.

Reugst is colorful, ranging from basaltic black to sulpheric yellow, with patchs of red around large volcanoes. It has a diameter of roughly 3072 kilometers, and orbits at roughly 25,984,691 kilometers, with a month lasting roughly 26.439 earth days, or 25.18 Degemothan days (that doesn't sound right, so I'll be redoing those calculations tommorow).

Degemoth is 13,463.7 kilometers in diameter at the equator. It has a surface gravity of 7.6688003 meters per second per second, or 0.782 earth gravities. What would weigh 100 pounds on earth would weigh 78.2 pounds on Degemoth.

The Degemothan day is 25.2 earth hours long, or 25 hours and 12 minutes. The planet turns on it's axis once every 25 hours and 15.5 minutes; roughly 210.5 seconds are subtracted from each day by the motion of the planet around the sun.

The four cardinal directions on the surface are as follows, in a clockwise fashion: North, West, South, East. That is to say, that if you are facing north, the sun rises to your left, not your right as it does on Earth. Perhaps to make things less confusing, East and West should not be called East and West, but Sunward and Setward.

Degemoth has at least three large continents, as well as several large, and myriad smaller, islands. Aunoth (pronounced On-oth) is to the far north; portions of it are above the arctic circle. Gendoth (pronounced gEn-doth) is farther south, ranging from temperate to tropical; Frost City is located on this continent. Dereth is ((Rao, please PM me some information about Dereth in relation to it's position on the planet. Is it northern, or southern hemisphere, temperate, tropical, etc.))
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