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Frost Jedi Character Bio's

Postby Evlfrost » Fri Dec 06, 2002 2:15 am

Name: Evl Stats:
Race: Elvish
Age: 1200
Class: Elemental Mage
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 10
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 8

Bio:Evl is an elf approx. 1200 years old. He has limited sword training but has powerful telepathy. While he may not be able to control humans, he can control animals. Combined with an extensive knowledge of woodcraft and whatnot, he can heal small wounds using various herbs. He has no power in magic (being unable to cast simple magic spells is something that he was often teased about as a child). He considers himself a Frost Jedi.
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Postby Megafrost » Fri Dec 06, 2002 2:55 am

Name: Megafrost
Calendar age: 7,138 Degemoth years
Biological age: 18 Earth years
Race: Mixed
Class: Fighter/Evoker

Character History:

When Megafrost was young, he always preferred swordfighting and magic as his favorite forms of fighting. He was quite talented in these fields, and was growing to be a powerful member of the Frost Jedi for his age. He also had a slight interest in science, and always helped out Omegafrost around the lab when possible.

At the age of 14, Omegafrost's latest experiment involved dimensional travel, which needed the work of a test volunteer. Megafrost ended up being the volunteer, and Omegafrost's experiment proved to be successful, as Megafrost found himself in another dimension. Megafrost knew that Omegafrost was supposed to bring him back almost instantaniously, but after one week in the dimension, Megafrost suspected something had gone wrong.

For a long time, Megafrost was trapped with nobody for company, no civiliazion, only swordfighting and magic to practice. His personality changed much, and Megafrost's abilities continued to improve. After four years, he suddenly felt weird, and it felt like he might be returning to the material world. After a few minutes, he found himself standing near the remains of the Frost Jedi fortress. He found Omegafrost standing nearby, along with the blob that was Nimrodconjuror.

Apparently, Omegafrost had not brought back Megafrost because of the threat of the Necromancer war, and had set up the experiment to bring back Megafrost once the guardians had come back. Megafrost also learned that in the material plane, 7,000 years had passed and the Frost Jedi had been brought to ruin. There was still hope though, as Megafrost learned that his older brother, Gigafrost, was still alive.

Only a few months have passed since Megafrost was brought back, though still he has changed much. He no longer has much time to help Omegafrost with his experiments, for he has only been around for two. The first one changed him drastically, as Omegafrost injected genes of 3 ethereal creatures into Megafrost's system, giving him the ability to travel between the two dimensions freely at the cost of his human form. The second involved testing Megafrost's strength against creatures Omegafrost had created.


When Megafrost travels to the ethereal plane, his skin changes color to pure white with blue and green markings. He becomes taller and thinner, and grows an extra pair of arms. Every wrist will have a spinneret with webbing inside it(capable of anchoring someone to the material or ethereal plane), and Megafrost grows an extra set of eyes underneath his original ones. Venom will start coursing near his teeth, ready to be injected into any enemys, though will not be a preferred weapon. He also has a slight hunger increase, sheds his hair, and can speak telepathically. Megafrost can only look entirely human when only in the material plane that he mostly resides in.

Traveling in between the 2 planes has an advantage and a disadvantage. The further Megafrost is from the material plane, the harder he is to see in the material plane, but the weaker all his abilitys are.

Megafrost also has a sword with his name engraved on it. He is capable of splitting it apart into 2 daggers, and combining the 2 daggers back together. The sword requires 2 hands to use and attack with, but can be held with 1 hand.

Megafrost's abilitys are mostly average all around. He has average speed, average strength, and has some magic skill. Most of his magic is Evocation magic, although he has healing magic, which, although very powerful, also takes along time to use. He has no knowledge of Enchantment, Illusion, or Divination magic.

Megafrost's position within the army is the blacksmith, where he builds weapons for physical combat. Although he mostly does blacksmith work, he can enter combat like anybody else.

Human form:

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 13
Wisdom: 8
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 10

Ethereal form:

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 12
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 6

Name: Tsorfagem
Age: 2
Race: Hawk
Class: Scout/Magic-user
Position: Megafrost's Familar

History bio:

Tsorfagem was summoned by Megafrost as a familar a couple months ago. Nothing else is known about him.


Tsorfagem has exactly the same magical abilities as Megafrost. He doesn't use them often, as they're mostly for use in combat which Tsorfagem prefers to avoid.

Tsorfagem's main purpose is to perform as a scout, flying in the skys above and reporting what he sees to Megafrost. When he is not scouting, he can be found somewhere near Megafrost.

He can speak the common tongue.
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Postby Nyufrost » Fri Dec 06, 2002 10:22 pm

Name: Nyufrost
Race: Human
Class: Scout
Sex: Female
Age: Unspecified

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 10
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 16

Physical Description
Nyu is short (5'2) and rather lightweight but is a little stronger than average for her size which contributes to her cat-like stealth and agility. She has pale skin, a delicate oval-shaped face, icy grey-blue eyes and long golden brown hair that she keeps tied back in a loose ponytail.

Abilities & Style
Nyufrost can be placidly calm or intensely irate. Normally, she prefers to avoid controversy and does not like battle scenes. However, when the safety of one of her fellow Frost Jedi mates is at stake she can become rather a vicious fighter. Rather than attack head-on, she is likely to steal through the bushes waiting for an ideal opportunity to strike. Her weapon of choice is a bejeweled dagger with a carved ruby blade that she keeps in her boot. Her poison-tipped nails do not inflict instant death ... tho they make a painful wound and have a slow-acting effect of paralysis. She also has some telepathic and empathic abilities. She can heal the others by giving of herself which quickly drains her strength.

Personal Info
Nyu has answered an ancient call to run away from home and be with the Frost Jedi. A believer in reincarnation, she feels connected to them by some past life association. She is quiet, timid, observant and naturally curious. She enjoys reading and spending time with her cat. Sometimes, she is able to contact the Great Oracle, TerraFrost, through it if conditions are right.

Changes will be made later as new skills are acquired or to embellish the history.
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Postby OmegaFrost » Fri Dec 06, 2002 11:56 pm

Weapon of Choice
7568910895324 years old (not counting time in hibernation)
Over a millenia ago a group of people discovered how to manipulate the genetic structure. This was ok for a while but soon their creations began to run rampant, destroying the environment and aot of other things. So the people created the Helix Council to create laws to regulate these amazing powers and to teach more people their knowledge a few centaurys past and the coucil recieved a new student, OmegaFrost he was incredibly adept at the art of geneomancy and quickly rose to the ranks of the council becoming one of the best geneomancers there only the oldest of members out did him. After fully learning the trade of geneomancy OmegaFrost set off to improve himself finding and integrating new genetic material into himself. Over centourys of traveling OmegaFrost founded a base in the ocean and claimed the land he then was able to cataloug all his findings and controll his search from this new base. After a long time of labour OmegaFrost finally integrated all known and unknown species into himself, but still wasnt satisfied and continued to search and find newly evolved beings. After years of searching OmegaFrost met Giga and gladly joined the Frost Jedi hoping they would be acceptable alies in his eternal search. After many centourys of OmegaFrosts loyal service with the Frost Jedi the necromancer war broke out and eventually led to the destruction of the Frost Jedi base, but OmegaFrost was already aware of the oncoming genocide and put himself into suspended animation after teleporting MegaFrost into another dimension for safety. Sadly after awakening from his suspended animation he discovered that it had corrupted his genetic material and made all his work fruitless and forcing him to start from scratch in his allmighty dream. And also to discover that the Helix council had been destroyed in his long sleep. There is a secret barried deep within Omega's past..... he was not born into this world by convientional meens. He is a clone fore told to out last all other geneomancers and be the most powerful ever thus he was givin the codename. O.M.E.G.A


all are variable but main stats are

Str: 8
Con: 9
Int: 21
Wis: 18
Cha: 10
*note: these stats are only to show the main idea of his abilities and arent necissarily accurate (escpecially since they change for fighting purposes)*

Genes dowloaded

OmegaFrost has brown hair and blue eyes he fairly short ( 5'2") and gaingly and his hair is unkempt and he has just a few little hairs on his chin that constitutes as a goatie.

OmegaFrost is usually very calm and collected but at certain times he can become very active and unorganized . OmegaFrost has a strong code of ethics ( similar to a samurai but diffrent ethics) that prevents him from taking all the genetic information in his data base and puting it in himself, he has to earn it through battle,recollection or he can be givin permission by his "superior officer" (Giga) or the person that he is getting the genetics from if it is there own.

Evil Monster
Weapon of choice
Mana Burn
18 Eons
Turrasque comes from a race so ancient that it is uncertain that there was even a universe when the first one was born. This race were the Dracians originally made from pure mana but eventually taking on a physical form when the universe was made. Some Dracians chose live on a small rock circling a medium star. This was earth but when the cracians lived there they were the only things alive. The dracians lived a decent life with no problems having children and living peaceful. It was in this world that a Dracian name Turrasque was born into. The Dracians were masters of magic and did many amazing things to the earth, such as put a ball of lava in the center for warmth,a nd create there prodigy the much smaller weaker and less intelligent dragons. The Dracians had one being that they revered as a diety power names Ragnorocks, this being was said to be the first Dracian and was said to watch over all Dracians. However problems eventually arised after a few eons living on earth apocalpyse came... litterally. Apocalpse and the four horse men decided that the Dracians were too powerful and brought about there end. The bodies of the Dracians were made of pure mana and when they died this mana was released into the earth bringing about life. Some of the Dracians were however by sheer luck able to save there spirits from destruction and still move aobut this world as wandering essence. One of these lucky Dracians was Turrasque. Turrasque spent much time looking for a decent host that could contain his near infinite essence. Eventually Turrasque found a suitable host named OmegaFrost. Turrasque was able to reside within OmegaFrost unnoticed and subversley have OmegaFrost alter his genetic structure enough that Turrasque transformed into a Dracian. However Omeg had a back up set up so that he could always return to his normal form which thwarted Turrasques plans. Omega and Turrasque were able to co exist for a while but eventually something terrible occured. Turrasque took controll and attacked the frost jedi the only thing that eventually stoped him was the force of the gaurdians. After this OmegaFrost swore to never allow it to happen again and sealed Turrasque away in his mind. However this caused the Transformation into the Turrasque even more terrible for he was simpley a mindless mosnter. Turrasque was eventually freed by an unusual disease that also stunted his growth and did not allow him to become the full Turrasque. Recently the Turrasque was able to get enough mana to jump start his immune system which purged him of the stunted growth effects of the disease.
Mana Burn: Turrasque can issue forth a blast of pure mana that eventually overloads a targets maximum amount of mana they can contain at a time.
Growth: Turrasque can change b etween his half human form and his draconic form which can also change size.
Curse: Turrasque has other powers he can use when in his pure draconic form however it will summon forth the four horsemen of apoclypse when they detect his Dracian essence. The horse men eventually destroy turrasque. But since his essence is bound to omega he can not be utterley destoryed and simpley reverts to Omega forcibley for a temporary amount of time.
Turrasque has finally accepted the fact that he is bound to omega and that he is forever trapped in this world ruled by apes. However his ultimate goal is to bring back his race. Turrasque perticularly hates demonic creatures and things that meddle with the lost souls since that is what has happened to his people. Turrasque would never admit it but he actually pities humans and will protect them although he may torture them with taunts of eating.
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Postby akiro » Sat Dec 07, 2002 7:25 pm

Akiro :lila:
Prefered weapon:
Griver, Blue ULtima
Age: 18
Str: 45
Dex: 10
Con: 10
INt: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 19
Character Bio:
Akiro was taken away from his home as an outsider due to the facts that he could control the elements very well and about every 2 years he learns a new sword ability. As he read about people like himslef (who could control the thier swords very well) and realized that there was a chosen one who when he had matured as a swordsman he could control new and unthought elements such as Darkness and light, many of the other ones that the chosen one would learn are uknown. The longest age that a swordsman of his type has lived is 1,000 years. He has never met his father and when he get exziled he dicides to look for him and other companions to aid him in his journy. he is sure that his father knows all of the answers. So far he has many trates that are much like the description of the chosen one. One more person has these trates and his name is Benji. They have been rivels for all of there lives and it will continue for sure. He now hears of the frost Jedi clan and seeks them out because they seem to be the most loyal companions that he could find.
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Postby Dracofrost » Wed Dec 18, 2002 9:15 pm

How to explain the story of this character that is so many different characters, and so many different things... of course, no, I couldn't have made a simple character... naw... Well, anyways, I suppose I should give a general summary of events and person stories for the many parts of this characters who has more than one name, one for each of it's many parts, but none as yet for it's whole. I suppose I could come up with a name for the whole... but that just wouldn't seem quite right.
Well, anyways, it all began with a highly advanced robotic probe drifting through space, which came through random chance to be floating in the same solar system as one particularly interesting planet. This creature/robot/probe came through the happenstance of luck to fall onto this planet, and landed in the manner of a meteorite upon the barren continent of Aunoth. Having decided to explore the world and gather as much information as possible about it, this being, which was self named NimrodConjuror, flew around, and eventually through accident release Gigafrost from his state of stasis, and ended up meeting with him and deciding to join the frost jedi. Now, to more fully explain NimrodConjuror, one must read of his backstory. However, if you are willing to just accept a random robotic thingy, you can always skip the next paragrapth, which is rather long.

NimrodConjuror is a being of great age and curiosity. It has existed (in some form or another) since about ten minutes after the big bang (once things had cooled down to normal, if extremely hot, matter). IT was formed by a random combination of particles that merged together and formed one of the first conciousnesses. This first conciousness was very bulky and stupid, but IT was already self-aware and capable of thought as complex as that of a human child. In the begining this concioussness merely ponder what was going on around IT, and saw how things were working out. IT observed, and learned how things worked, and eventually learned how to do things on IT's own, how to manipulate matter, how to bend it to IT's will. This quickly bored IT (for there was no magic yet), so IT plunged itself into the realm of thought. Over a great period of time, IT pondered upon thought ITself, and learned about learning, and finally IT combined the two, and was able to increase the abilities of IT's mind. IT started playing many games with ITself, and eventually learned how to split IT's mind into multiple parts that were not connected, at least for a short period of time. And so IT thought, and played with ITself, and explored the heights and depths of IT's imagination. Until one day when IT noticed a darkening in the space around IT, and IT felt something, a presence, and it was different from him. He didn't know it then, but this presence was EVIL. Though IT did not know it was EVIL, IT was still scared, but did not know why IT was scared, or what scared was, for IT had had nothing to be afraid of before. But IT did know that IT would no longer be able to play IT's games with ITself, and IT was sad. When the EVIL struck, IT was totally unprepared for any sort of fight. So IT was nearly destroyed almost immediatly. But one of IT's games paid off. It had been a game of how much information he could stuff into an itty-bitty space. IT had been good at that game, and that was a very good thing right now. So IT was able to compress the (by now) immenseness of IT's mind into a single nano-scale robot. It could hold, however, only the very essence of ITself, and even then, only in a fractal pattern so complicated that that a human could not even comprehend it in even a small part. So this little bit of IT, the last remaining part, IT's very soul, was set adrift on the solar winds. And so the part of IT drifted for eon upon eon, over billions of years, until it hit something. It had hit a planet, and finally this little seed could grow. And so the small robot began replicating itself, and replicating itself, until the entirity of the planet was covered in it. And so IT was once more, though with only vague memories of IT's previous life. And IT was once again curious, for the universe had changed greatly since before. So IT decided to split ITself into many different parts and send them off to explore the new thing in the universe. So IT split into many different parts, and they went off on their own seperate paths, and one part, which decided to call itself NimrodConjuror, went off to a part of the universe known to it's inhabitant's as the Milky Way. And so NimrodConjuror had many experiences and learned many things, and was eventually led to a place called Aunoth, on a planet as yet unnamed. And there it decided to learn of the ways of fighting, so that if the greater IT ever had to face the EVIL again, IT would be prepared.

...Now, for those of you that just skipped over that, welcome back. For those that went to the trouble of reading it, I hope you aren't too confused, and are capable of accepting such an entity. Now, this being, NimrodConjuror, having joined the frost jedi, came to a desicion as to better learn of the planet, and it's ways; that he must live as a native, and in the body of one, too. Thus, with Giga's help, and a handy mindless body conviniently left in stasis long ago by the frost jedi, NimrodConjuror was made to possess a different body, and with it different skills, and a somewhat different outlook. This new being renamed itself Magefrost, as the body had come with a rather great talent in magic, the full extent of which still has yet to be shown. Now, Magefrost continued on for a while, learned stuff, learned of magic, and had fun. But after a time, he was contacted by the spirits of twelve dead ents, who revealed themselves to have been co-constructors of the body that was now Magefrosts, and that the body that was now Magefrost's owed them, so in return he worked for them, for a while, and was infact completely transformed by them into a seperate entity known as Entfrost when the entish spirits merged with him, and he was changed mentally and physically. However, in a duel between Omegafrost and Entfrost, which became somewhat heated, something deep within the created body of magefrost was unleashed, a great and horrible something, which scared off the entish spirits, driving them from the body, returning it to it's normal state, only for it to be horribly twisted and enlarged by what was perhaps the true spirit of the body Magefrost now posseses. This being was a tremendous power, fueled by vile forces of some unknown plane, and propelled by a rage of unknown source, which was thankfully not too great and made it weak at the time. This being is known as Daemonfrost, and it is hoped that it will never be seen again. I think I've given enough basic sotry, and what follows are the descriptions of the different forms of this many being-ed character.

MageFrost's Description:

Magefrost is apparently human, standing about 5'9" and weighing about 150 pounds. He can ussually be found to wear his wizard robes, light simple robes colored a faded blue with golden-coppery trim. He often carries with him his staff, which belong to the former mind of his current body, and the staff is hewn from gnarled oak and he a gem implanted at one end that is usualy clear and appears to be a quartz but swirls with colors whenever magical energies are focued through it. He also often carries an enchanted spellbook that was also property of the former body, and is bound in the hide of a red dragon. It will open only to him, and seems to have a mind of it's own, turning to whichever page it deems most useful to it's master.

Entfrost's Description:

Entfrost is a large humanoid figure, with bark for skin, amber for eyes, and leaves in place of hair upon the top of his head. In this form his staff has been absorbed into him, and the gem of it rests over where his heart would be if he were a human. He is generally very slow, but he is also very strong, and capable of quite potent nature magics; he can speak with plants and animals, and they are generally inclined to obey him.

Daemonfrost's Description:

The gargantuan demon known as Daemonfrost, which can somehow be released from deep within Magefrost, is a great and powerful demon indeed. It is easily as large as fully grown and aged dragons, and a horrifying sight to behold. It's humanoid head is the size of a giant's, and looks like an exposed skull. This skull is grey, and though the eye sockets are empty, you get a feeling that something stares at you out of them. The maw of the this skull is overly large, filled with a great many large and sharp teeth. Between these teeth drips acidic saliva, and when the mouth is open, one can see that the tongue is a great black snake, with glowing black eyes, whose tongue is a blue white and cold flame. From the top of the skull flows a long mane of strange hair, made of mercury, and fluid; it blows in breezes, and can flow through itself, and is rather odd looking. The torso of the beast is broad and thick scaled, though built more like a bear's than a lizard's. From the side of the torso extend four massive arms, each ending in a strange hand. These hands are only bones; they are stripped of flesh, and where flesh would be around the bone there is only a glowing red aura. These bony hands have incredibly sharp claws on the end, and the fingers of each hand number 8. Protruding from the back is a great shell, looking to be the twin wing coverings of a beetle. When these coverings are drawn aside, the wings from within can be seen. The wings are merely bone; the bones of dragon wings, but covered in ice which flows like flame. The overall beast is not entirely humanoid; the lower torso and legs are of a collosal scorpion with a shiny black carapace. On the knees of each of the eight legs are great horns, and arching over the back of the creature entire is the raised tail, ready to strike at all times. From the tip of this great tail drips a vicious back substance, obviously toxic. This sums up the appearance of the Daemon, and it's various powers have yet to be revealed.
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Postby Gigafrost » Tue Dec 24, 2002 2:52 am

Name: Gigafrost
Age: ????
Race: ???? (Formerly human)
Class: Depends (read below)

Intro Bio: In the world of necromancy, it is known that there is the rare person that is immune to the spells and potions that transform people into undead to feed their armies. Gigafrost, as it turned out, had an even rarer ability...he was only half-immune. Indeed, that potion he drank did not turn him into an undead, as expected, but he wasn't the same either. Instead, he suffers from a double life, living as the mage, Giga, or as the monster, Frost.

Giga Bio: Giga is a calm and calculating mage. He has a crystal sword that increases his magical powers and he has limited knowledge on how to use it in as an actual sword, depending instead on his magical skills and knowledge to survive a battle. To remind himself of his curse, Giga wears dark colors. His magical armor is capable of self-repairing but as of yet this armor is only a prototype and it provides very little added advantage to his normal clothing with the exception of a better defense against arrows. The crystals on the armor are known to change colors when Giga casts spells.

Frost Bio: Frost is the necromancer's dream come true, if only he were controllable. It was once theorized that should an individual immune to becoming undead somehow become undead, the resulting creature would be perfect. Well, Frost is far from perfect. It lacks any magical abilities, but it more than makes up for this with its incredible physical abilities. It is immune to most types of elemental magic and armed with an assortment of spikes, claws and teeth. It is not as cool and calm as Giga. It is driven by an insane urge to kill, and easily influenced by dark suggestions.

Origin Story: 7,000 years ago a war erupted between the Frost Jedi and an enemy clan of Necromancers. It was during this war that many members of the Frost Jedi were transformed into undead, but when it came Gigafrost's turn, it was discovered that he was half-immune to the formula, and the resulting creature was sealed away in tomb, asleep in the cold stasis of a magical void until the seal was broken...

End Bio: Giga is the persona of good. As he becomes more injured, the more "Frost" he becomes. Indeed, Frost itself cannot be killed. The more damaged it becomes, the more powerful it becomes, yet once its strength overloads it falls into a deep healing sleep to turn back into Giga. As Frost, he can be "healed" to become more like "Giga" again. Because Frost has no magical abilities, though, Giga's mana will be empty when he returns to normal.

Acquire skills: Giga has basic knowledge of a simple rune system.
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Postby Rend » Tue Jan 28, 2003 6:55 am

Code: Select all

Frost jedi Intelligence Personnel File-

Name: Melenkir, Rend
Alias: "Manticore"

Age: ??
Race: ??

Occupation: Healer

Rend "The Manticore" Melenkir is a very mysterious being. He is an ally of the Frost Jedi, and a powerful one at that. However, not in the traditional sense- or the reliable sense.

Everybody who has seen Rend fight has told the same story- about how laughably bad at at it that he is. However, those that have seen him healing others' wounds also proclaim the same story unanimously: Miraculous.

It seems that the speed and effectiveness at which he heals is extraordinary. It is currently unknown whether or not he possesses any offensive magical talents, but such speculations are extremely doubtful.

We at the intelligence branch have tried to approach him in order for him to teach our own contingents of healers, but after battling, he normally disappears without a trace. It is usually as such not only in battles, but any sort of interaction. We just cant seem to hold on to him for any length of time.

We are currently looking for more information on this person, and will add it to this report when finished.

Status: Incomplete

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Postby Black Shield » Sun Mar 09, 2003 7:45 am

Name: Unknown
Class: Civilian Race: Human
Age: 7 or 8 Height: 4' 6" or so Weight: 75 lbs. (??)
Skin: Light Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Emerald

Little is known about this young girl. She was found outside of a building in an alley dressed in rags - filthy and wounded. She was taken in by some locals, but she ran away immediately upon gaining consciousness. She is nowhere to be found. Nobody in the small town knows her. Her sudden appearance and disappearance are shadowed in mystery.
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Postby Chronofrost » Fri Apr 25, 2003 4:57 am


Name = Chronofrost
Race = Human
Class = Chronomancer
Gender = Male
Biological Age = 16

Stats (These may not be completely accurate)

Strength = 11
Dexterity = 14
Constitution = 10
Intelligence = 18
Wisdom = 13
Charisma = 15


Chronofrost is fairly short and very thin.
He highly resembles his older brother Giga, though he's
shorter, has green eyes, wears brighter clothes and
he has a winged cape(which enchants him with flight).
He has fairly bright skin, his hair is a very dark brown color,
and it's fairly short. Though at most times, his clothing
has a hood which covers his head, so hardly anybody ever see's his hair.


Chrono is a mage, focused on the arts of Chronomancy,
though he has skills with Conjuration and Dimensional
magic too. With his time magic, he can speed up various
processes, such as corrosion, or just
generally use it to make plants grow faster, die faster,
he can use it to make a ledge below somebodies feet
at a cliff crumble and fall(general things like that).
He can also use it to
speed up the natural bodies healing process tremendously
without speeding up the aging process, or he can
sometimes speed up the aging process of certain weak
enemies(a huge army of weak things like goblins, for example).
Also, he can use it to see various events
or details of a possible future, though it is often very
hazy when used to see over a long period of time. But when
seeing into the past, it hardly ever gets hazy in any way,
cause the past is definate - the future can be changed.
And, he has limited travel through time, often it ends up
draining most of his mana, and he ends up very dizzy.
It often takes a very very long time for him to regain all
his mana. The longer the travel, the more mana it drains.
If the jump is too long, then his own life is drained and
which it takes even longer for him to recover.
He wields no weapons, though he can
summon a dagger(or two) made completely out of mana, which
get weaker as Chrono loses mana. His skills at using these
daggers isn't the best, as it is not his main practice.
Though if he uses his Chronomancy to speed himself up in
combat, he becomes quite combat-able(not as much as, say,
Megafrost) and most of all, hard to hit. Though he has
fair strength, he is quite easy to injure if you manage
to hit him. Sometimes if necessary, he can summon a shield
of mana for protection. His dimensional magic mostly involves
creation and usage of portals, either to another location in
the current dimension, or to another dimension that he knows of.
It often takes a VERY long time for him to learn of a new
dimension. At the moment, he only knows of one other dimension..


Chrono is usually calm, he's always concentrating and thinking
about possibilities, dangers, and threats. He is very serious
about everything and it's nearly impossible to get him to laugh
or think about relaxation. Everything he does is based on what
he believes is the most important thing to do. He never takes
a break from his work, he's always preparing and training for
future events. He is very loyal to the helping and defending of
fellow members of Frost Jedi.

Other Known Dimensions

La Zona Púrpura Loca - This is a completely weird and wacky dimension.
The atmosphere is purple with very light-green fog, and the grass has a
purple tint to it too. There are generally weird things all over the
place -- Amazingly strong, mad, angry Cows, that yell things in spanish
and generally go everywhere fighting everything(even eachother).
Also, Archery Targets that slide along the ground..they sound like
chickens, and magically somehow deal minor damage to people - but
they come in large swarms, usually 20 at a time. These archery
Targets are very durable and take quite a beating to destroy.
There's also combat dummies, which also slide along the ground, and
launch projectiles of unknown type at their enemies. They don't
fight eachother, but they don't usually come in groups either.
These Combat Dummies speak like cows. These are just examples
of crazy creatures in La Zona Púrpura Loca. There are also things
such as floating tree's that sing random german songs, and generally
ANYTHING that is weird, could exist in this strange dimension. Chrono
has never created a portal to this dimension, though he has seen into
it and seen some of the weird things in it.
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Postby BattleFrost » Fri Sep 19, 2003 1:43 am

Classified...... Granting Access
Code Name: Battlefrost
True Name: Unkown
Race: Unkown
Age: Unkown
Planet: Druidya

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 25
Constitution: 11
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 17

Speacial Abilities:
Absorbs Magic Abilities
Animal Campanion
True Form

Top Seceret Info.... Granting Access


It is very hard to get information from a unkown person. His abilities are like no other. We cannot trace past records from his far off planet and don't know very much of the history about him and where he is from. This is what we know so far.

Battlefrost is from a far off planet called Druidya. Druidya is the moon of Phenox. He and his friend are to beleive the last of his race. We don't know if there are any more of his kind. Druidya is an uncivilized planet with unusual creatures. He grew up with the animals and learnd from them. He has been trained in combat and has learned to survive with the help of the animals. He has gain unique talent from each and every creature we beleive. He has gotten his knowledge and wisdom from the other planet using his telapathic powers to understand how the world works. When his planet became under an attack his best friend was killed. That's when he went to city and help fight off the rest of the enemies. With his help of courage and knowlegde he was able to get troops from his planed to fight together and drive out the enemy. It is said that he slained 2 Balrogs with his own bare hands at the same time. After the war, the people of Druidya crownd him Emperor of Phenox. Over the years he studied the creatures who attacked the planet b/c he found out that the enemy knew his kind and wanted to find out if there was more of his race. He set to explore the planets to find more imformation about his kind. With resent studies he set his coure out to FJ do to the battles that have been taken place there. To see if he can find some answers. He brought along some of his best, well trained soldiers to help him on his quest.
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Postby Icegaze » Thu Jan 22, 2004 11:11 pm

True Name: Unknown
Alias: Icegaze
Age: Unknown due to time he was frozen.
Race: Thought to be human, though the amount of time frozen may have altered his race. His blue skin for example.
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Class: Ice Warrior

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 6
Charisma: 5

Physical Description:
Icegaze has a cyan tint to his skin, which along with his long, royal blue hair, makes him stand out. His eyes are also blue. A ratty brown cloak usually wraps his body, but when it does not, Icegaze's good build shows. Clothing is rather simple for Icegaze. He wears a very strong chainmail vest of unknown white metal that he awakened with. Besides that vest, Icegaze's clothing is rather simple: leather gloves, leather boots, and worn baggy brown pants. A red longsword made of a foriegn substance called deathrite is usually seen dangling about his waist, too.

History: Upon awakening in a cube of ice in a mountain cave north of Frost City, Icegaze caused some trouble with the Frost Jedi. After being imprisoned for hundreds of years, Icegaze was released and had a new view on the world. However, most people still view Icegaze as a monster.
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Postby Dev » Tue Mar 16, 2004 7:40 pm

Class: Gunner/Blademaster
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Skin: Brown
Weight: 100 pounds
Eyes: Unknown color
Hair: Brown
Strength: 19
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 6

Bio: Very Unknown
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Postby MegaManV2 » Tue Sep 28, 2004 10:49 am


Name: MegaManV2
Class: Traveller
Species: Half-robot, half-human
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Height" 4'4"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black


Strength: 20
Defense: 5
Speed: Enough to break the sound barrier
IQ: 1000
Max MP: 50


After walking through a portal and getting caught in a mad scientist's expiriment, the ordinary schoolkid named Anthony Vernon became the half-robot MegaManV2. After ending up in the Frost Jedi world, he got some magic powers, like making basic barriers. He then wandered the world, searching for food and shelter, in return for dangerous quests. He then found the Frost City, and then became a Frodt Jedi after 50 terrible tasks.

Weapons: MegaBuster, Beam Saber
Power-Ups: Ultimate Buster (No need to charge)
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