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Frost Jedi History...

Postby Gigafrost » Thu Dec 05, 2002 9:32 pm

I still haven't spent the time to clean it up and give dates to all the events, but yesterday when I was talking to Dracofrost via AIM he asked a question about the origin and I started talking and I told the whole story. Here's that part of the AIM conversation...

Gigafrost19: Well,
Gigafrost19: the general story goes like this...
Gigafrost19: A large carrier was being attacked by space pirates...
Gigafrost19: many of the crew happened to be jedi
Gigafrost19: they were successfully escaping...
Gigafrost19: but when they came too close to this planet...
Gigafrost19: the magical energy it released...
Gigafrost19: confusled the force for over half the jedi on board
Gigafrost19: the pilots and the captain were among them
Gigafrost19: they were fired upon
Gigafrost19: they managed to shoot down the enemy ships
Gigafrost19: but their engines were no longer functioning
Gigafrost19: and their beacon wasn't working
Gigafrost19: and the magical energy prevented them from being found by Jedi search parties who couldn't sense them...
Gigafrost19: the ship remained in orbit for maybe 200 years before crashing
NimrodConjuror: how'd they survie up there?
Gigafrost19: some didn't
Gigafrost19: some died
Gigafrost19: it was a giant carrier, though
Gigafrost19: and it had a functioning internal ecosystem...
Gigafrost19: the crash...
Gigafrost19: about 90% of the people are Jedi...
Gigafrost19: about 70% of them survive...
Gigafrost19: only 5% of the non-Jedi survived
Gigafrost19: they began to develope....
Gigafrost19: they continued to train young ones in the way of the force...
Gigafrost19: but on this new planet some sought magical means over force means
Gigafrost19: eventually, a group of them left unable to co-exist with the Jedi...
Gigafrost19: they traveled north to the heavily mana-soaked region...
Gigafrost19: which was also cold
Gigafrost19: and they grew in power there
Gigafrost19: eventually, power struggles amongst them caused this group to separate from eachother
Gigafrost19: into 3 groups...
Gigafrost19: meanwhile the Jedi that could still use the force remained Jedi...
Gigafrost19: and the magic-users that remained became a 4th faction
NimrodConjuror: huh...
Gigafrost19: Some event happened to the north...
Gigafrost19: there are 5 factions here...
Gigafrost19: 3 Frost Jedi factions, a Magic-User faction, and a Jedi faction
Gigafrost19: The rare occurance of 3 meteor strikes to the north within a 4 day period occured...
Gigafrost19: probably drawn to the planet by the immense magical energy...
Gigafrost19: and because the meteorites were made of Magicryst
Gigafrost19: they were also mixed with other minerals...
Gigafrost19: but the long story short,
Gigafrost19: the meteorites had powerful magical abilities
Gigafrost19: and even more powerful potential
Gigafrost19: eventually, each Frost Jedi faction managed to obtain a meteorite
NimrodConjuror: then what? they formed an alliance and whiped out the other two factions?
Gigafrost19: nope
Gigafrost19: the 3 Frost Jedi factions were actually against eachother
Gigafrost19: almost constantly fighting...
Gigafrost19: because of their different views
Gigafrost19: there was a Good one, and Evil one, and a Neutral one
NimrodConjuror: so, what happened?
Gigafrost19: The neutral group...
Gigafrost19: they ended up with the strongest meteor.
Gigafrost19: it was mixed with bloodstone....
Gigafrost19: and had powerful necromancy powers
Gigafrost19: the other two didn't have as speciallized skills, though
Gigafrost19: and the necromancy wasn't a problem until...
Gigafrost19: the Frost Jedi began to move south again
Gigafrost19: the Jedi and the Magi-Jedi had become peaceful co-existing entities
Gigafrost19: When the Frost Jedi factions met with the Jedi factions...
Gigafrost19: a war between the Neutral Frost Jedi and the Jedi factions occured...
Gigafrost19: the Magi-Jedi had no experience with necromancy and they quickly fell to the army...
Gigafrost19: it's possible some survived, but not likely
Gigafrost19: it is known that some Jedi survived...
Gigafrost19: but they were driven off the land...
Gigafrost19: and thus they spread to other continents
NimrodConjuror: that's where all the other jedi come from?
Gigafrost19: perhaps
Gigafrost19: The Good and Evil Frost Jedi factions...
Gigafrost19: had been fighting each-other during the Necromancy war
Gigafrost19: and they hadn't paid attention to how quickly the Necromancy Frost Jedi army was growing...
Gigafrost19: the Necromancy army had grown incredibly evil
NimrodConjuror: sounds like it
Gigafrost19: and they sought to defeat the other Evil Frost Jedi army
NimrodConjuror: sotof like an ancient unlight, eh?
Gigafrost19: perhaps...
Gigafrost19: the Evil Frost Jedi faction, although well-prepared to fight Necromancy, wasn't prepare to fight an army whose ranks had filled with the undead remains of an entire second army
Gigafrost19: and very quickly they almost died
NimrodConjuror: I bet those were nasty, zombies wielding the force...
Gigafrost19: the few that remained were captured by the good Frost Jedi faction
Gigafrost19: and one had the meteorite that the Evil Frost Jedi had obtained
Gigafrost19: the Good Frost Jedi began to loose their ranks as well...
Gigafrost19: so in an alliance with the Evil Frost Jedi, they used their meteories together...
Gigafrost19: and managed to escape the continent
Gigafrost19: the Necromancy frosts couldn't follow...
Gigafrost19: at least, not immediately
Gigafrost19: by the time they could, they were no longer considered Frost Jedi
Gigafrost19: simply necromancers
Gigafrost19: the Good and Evil Frost Jedi factions found they couldn't separate their meteorites once they had been used together
NimrodConjuror: these were the necromancers that transformered Giga into Gigafrost?
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: and althought they squabbled alot...
Gigafrost19: eventually they became one too
Gigafrost19: and they found the mana cache that the Frost Jedi HQ is currently built over
Gigafrost19: about 2000 years later...
Gigafrost19: the Frost Jedi meteorites had been constructed into giant magical artifacts...
NimrodConjuror: the gaurdians?
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: each meteorite still retained some personality of the army that had found them
Gigafrost19: but they were inseperable
NimrodConjuror: thus death and rebirth, good and evil
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: and the two Frost Jedi armies that had once been enemies came together because of the meteorites...
Gigafrost19: and learned from eachother
Gigafrost19: thus they reverted to a neutral army
Gigafrost19: and they grew fairly powerful
Gigafrost19: and numerous
Gigafrost19: then, the necromancers had managed to send a few scouts the long distance over the ocean
Gigafrost19: once they found another mana cache here it was only a matter of time before they managed to open a giant portal between the continents and their armies flowed through
Gigafrost19: they began to assault the Frost Jedi
Gigafrost19: but they were overconfident
Gigafrost19: they didn't attack with everything
Gigafrost19: and the Frost Jedi retaliated immediately
Gigafrost19: they managed to reach the main source of the Necromancer Army's power...
Gigafrost19: and they destroyed the Necromancy meteorite
NimrodConjuror: the bloodstone meteor?
Gigafrost19: with the Guardians's power
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: it took most of their power, though
Gigafrost19: and they were left almost defenseless...
Gigafrost19: both armies were
Gigafrost19: the thing is,
Gigafrost19: the Necromancy army would vanish without its power...
NimrodConjuror: but the frost jedi wouldn't
Gigafrost19: and the Frost Jedi could remain because their power could no longer be destroyed by the necromancers
Gigafrost19: the Necromancy army launched a massive assault against the Frost Jedi
Gigafrost19: both sides lost tremendous amounts of troops///
Gigafrost19: but the Necromancers who still had potions and stuff made with the meteorite's magical energy...
Gigafrost19: were determined to completely take over the Frost Jedi
Gigafrost19: every last one
Gigafrost19: and absorb the Guardians
NimrodConjuror: I guess one of those potions was the one that made giga?
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: many of the Frost Jedi knew of the plan, though...
Gigafrost19: and they did everything they could to ensure that at least 1 Frost Jedi would remain
Gigafrost19: and they succeeded.
Gigafrost19: at least in Giga they could tell he'd never be killed by them
Gigafrost19: they tried sealing him away because they couldn't control him and they thought that perhaps they could assimilate the Guardians that way...
Gigafrost19: but it didn't work
Gigafrost19: so they completely destroyed the base...
Gigafrost19: and they buried the Guardians in as much rubble and dirt as possible
Gigafrost19: about 500 years later...
Gigafrost19: another army attacked the now terribly weak necromancer army and destroyed all that remained here on this continent
Gigafrost19: and on the continent far to the north, uprisings began and the Necromancer army eventually crumbled
Gigafrost19: no centers of power anymore
Gigafrost19: (now, this doesn't mean they don't just means they aren't powerful enough to do anything major)
Gigafrost19: then things were quiet for about 6,500 years
NimrodConjuror: and then nimrod broke open your tomb
Gigafrost19: yup
Gigafrost19: and we're where we are now
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Frost Jedi Timeline

Postby Dracofrost » Fri Feb 18, 2005 7:05 am

Frost Jedi time for the purposes of this timeline will be dated BGA and AGA, Before Gigafrost's Awakening, and After Gigafrost's Awakening. Several alternative dating systems, which are more likely for In Character use among the Frost Jedi, are AC or After Crash, from the time of the carrier ship's crash landing; AS or After Starfall, from the time of fall from orbit of the three Magicryst meteorites that would become the Guardians; AE or After Exodus, reffering to the Frost Jedi leaving Aunoth and fleeing to Gendoth; AFC or After the Founding of the City, reffering to the founding of Frost City; and finally R, or Refounding, reffering to the city's reconstruction at the awakening of Giga. AGA and R are the same. This timeline is under construction and subject to revision, as well as comment by the members of the Frost Jedi. Please PM me with any important dates you would like to add, such as the birth year of your character, any particularly important dates in their life, etc.

Frost Jedi Timeline:

Approx. 4,000,000,000 BGA: The star Bhelst collapses and begins fusion.

Approx. 3,700,000,000 BGA: Degemoth accretes out of the planetary disc of Bhelst.

Approx. 10,200 BGA: A large carrier is attacked by space pirates around an out of the way planet, known to it's inhabitants as Degemoth (pronounced dE-ge-m&th, or like Behemoth). The carrier is crewed largely with Jedi, and though they defeat the pirates, they are stranded by a combination of frelled drives and beacon, and the magic of the planet fouling their sense of the force. Stranded, life continues in the ship, life changing to agrarian/technician maintanence of the life support systems, spiritual Jedi pursuits forming the majority of passingtime when it is not spent in the labor of survival. Long Jedi lifespan and maintained computer systems retain the memory of what the ship is, and how it works.

10,045 BGA, 0 AC: The orbit of the carrier decays, until eventually it begins reentry, slowed and heated by atmosphere as it plummets down to the ground. Many die in the crash, though a surprising amount survive, crawling out of the wreckage and taking their surviving plants and food animals and seeds with them. 63.5% of the people aboard at the time survive. Only 1.27 of the survivors are nonJedi. Survivors develop Jedi centric civilization amongst the wreckage, on the continent of Aunoth.

9,884 BGA, 161 AC: A schism amongst this newly landbound civilization upon the mostly unexplored planet causes an exodus, as a group of magic users leave the areas around the crash site to head north into more mana rich territory. Here, amongst the colder lands, the Frost Jedi are founded. Some magic users remain amongst the southern lands of Aunoth.

9,742 BGA, 303 AC: Internal differences of doctrine cause the original Frost Jedi factions to split into three seperate factions, for now known as the good, evil, and neutral factions.

9,698 BGA, 347 AC: Peace breaks out between the southern mages and Jedi, as treaties between those split factions are signed, and peaceful coexistence begins.

9,587 BGA, 458 AC, 0 AS: Three meteors fall into Frost Jedi territories within four days. Each factions ends up with a meteorite of their own. The 'neutral' faction gains control of the most powerful of the three, which is Magicryst infused with bloodstone. Each of the meteorites is mostly magicryst, a potent magical and crystalline substance, and awesome magical focuses. The bloodstone meteorite has potent powers for necromancy. Through longtime exposure to each faction and in some cases idolatry, they take on personalities and minds of their own, in line with those of their followers.

9,434 BGA, 611 AC, 153 AS: Active war starts up between the Good and Evil Frost Jedi factions.

9,413 BGA, 632 AC, 174 AS: The Neutral faction's territorial expansions, fueled by conquest and undead armies, move southward, encrouching upon the southern mage territory. The First Necromancer War breaks out.

9,396 BGA, 649 AC, 191 AS: The Mages and Jedi are resoundingly crushed, those few surviving forced to flee into hiding, many taking to boats and leaving the continent entirely. It is known that some Jedi survived, though not a surity that any of that order of Mages did.

9,392 BGA, 653 AC, 195 AS: Glutted on their new territories and conquests, the Necromancers, as they are now known, expand into Evil Frost Jedi territory, their now swollen army of the undead overwhelming the already half exhausted but sharp edged forces of these Frost Jedi.

9,387 BGA, 658 AC, 200 AS: The Evil Army is almost entirely destroyed; those who survive are captured by the Good Frost Jedi. Among those captured is the keeper of the meteorite. A deal is made, and the remainder of the Evil Army joins with the Good, to survive against the Necromantic Frost Jedi.

9,385 BGA, 660 AC, 202 AS, 0 AE: The Necromancers continue their expansionism, now driving hard into the remaining Frost Jedi territory on Aunoth. Using the powers of the two meteorites, those surviving leave Aunoth, travelling to Gendoth where the Necromanctic Frost Jedi cannot follow. Once used together, the two meteorites cannot be seperated, and though they squabble, the two factions eventually merge as one.

9,354 BGA, 691 AC, 233 AS, 31 AE, 0 AFC: After travelling many years, and establishing various cities and trade relations with native inhabitants, the Frost Jedi find the great mana cache. A city is founded there.

9,338 BGA, 707 AC, 249 AS, 47 AE, 16 AFC: The two meteorites are moved to the site of this new mana cached city, which is renamed Frost City and made the capital of the new Frost Jedi lands.

7,132 BGA, 2913 AC, 2455 AS, 2253 AE, 2222 AFC: Initial scouts for the Necromancers (no longer reffered to as Frost Jedi in any sense) finally reach Gendoth, after a reunification effort under a radical new High Necromancer.

7,130 BGA, 2915 AC, 2457 AS, 2255 AE, 2224 AFC: The scouts return knowledge of the Frost Jedi, and of a mana cache at the northern edge of Gendoth.

7,128 BGA, 2917 AC, 2459 AS, 2257 AE, 2226 AFC: After gathering the support of followers and performing a powerful ritual, a huge portal is opened between Aunoth and the mana cache the Necromancer scouts have found. The Necromancers send through a decent sized undead attack force, though in their arrogance, it is not an all out attack. So the second Necromancer War begins. The Frost Jedi, having grown in number and power, retaliate immediately, and elite magetroops manage to penetrate behind enemy lines. Infiltrating the facility which houses the Bloodstone Meteorite, they manage to channel the power of the Guardians, using it to destroy it, so removing the power which kept most of the the Necromancers' armies walking. Unfortunately, this also drained most of the power from the Guardians, almost as severely handicapping the Frost Jedi. Enraged by this, the Necromancers attacked all out with their remaining forces and magics. They were determined to put every one of the Frost Jedi under their power, and take the Guardians for their own. The Frost Jedi knew of this plan however, and went to terrible measures to preserve at least one of thier members, and protect the Guardians, even if that meant burying them. So the Frost Jedi were for the most part wiped out, though some of their people, and their treasures, and their knowledge was preserved hidden away.

7,127 BGA, 2918 AC, 2460 AS, 2258 AE, 2227 AFC: The Necromancers upon Gendoth secede from their masters on Aunoth, closing off the portal, living like kings still with their few remaining undead, and mostly total lack of remaining opposition.

6,597 BGA, 3448 AC, 2990 AS, 2788 AE, 2757 AFC: An army of unknown origin arrives within the small claimed Necromancer lands on the southern continent, and mostly wipes out their pathetic existence.

0 AGA, 10,045 AC, 9587 AS, 9385 AE, 9354 AFC, 0 R: A robotic entity from another world known as Nimrod arrives from another world. In the course of it's explorations of the planet, it accidentally blasts open the seals on an old tomb in Kluminatra, freeing and awakening Gigafrost.

0 AGA, a few days later (07-01-2002, 07:41 PM CE): Gigafrost, being the first of the ancient Frost Jedi to reawaken, returns to the ancient site of Frost City, and channeling the power of the mana cache beneath the place, restores the Guardians. Being the eldest of those others who were preserved and are now awakening, Gigafrost becomes the leader of the newly reconstituted Frost Jedi. With the help of the robotic entity and the mana, as well as peasant folk from a nearby parallel universe, Frost City is rebuilt and repopulated, and sets up trade with nearby communities, offering all a safe place to be.
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