Magefrost to Entfrost (warning: long first post)

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Magefrost to Entfrost (warning: long first post)

Postby Dracofrost » Tue Dec 10, 2002 3:02 am

OOC: Thread type: This is just explaining a significant change that happens to Magefrost. I suppose anyone could join if they wanted, but not much is actually happening to anyone other than me. IC~

In a desert, far to the north of known lands, in Aunoth...

*Atop a sea of dunes, in the middle of a sandy waste, with barren, rocky mountains to be seen on all sides, Magefrost materializes.*

Magefrost: What the hell? :o

*As Magefrost sits there, baffled as to what has happened to him, several beings fade into being around him. In a circle surrounding him stand twelve great trees, though they seem translucent, as if they were mere spirits of trees, which they probably were, considering the environs.*

Magefrost: What the heck is this?

One of the Tree's: Do not speak disrespectfully to your elders, Magefrost.

Magefrost: You can talk? Huh? Elder?

*The spirits of the trees move about, as if their roots were legs, and in hollows in their bark can be seen what seem to be faces. They are not spirits of trees, but spirits of Ents.*

Ghrenkuliacur: I am Ghrenkuliacur, your elder and co-creator, from millenia ago. Do you not remember me?

Magefrost: Well, uhh, ya see, I, speaking as me, the mind in control of this body, am not it's original inhabitant, and, as far as I know, the original mind died about 8,000 years ago.

Ghrenkuliacur: Oh... This could be a problem...

Magefrost: Uh, can I go home now?

Ghrenkuliacur: No; you who now possess this body, are now bound to this body's sworn oaths.

Magefrost: Uhh... what exactly do I have to do, then?

Ghrenkuliacur: You are bound as a protector of the forests, and all things natural. It is obvious that you have been lacking in these duties, as this desert you see, was once our home, a rich forest... We ourselves died as it vanished without care. But we still exist, as ghosts, and we must make sure that you no longer neglect your duties, as many forests have recently been incenerated all across the continent you call Aunoth.

Magefrost: Uhhh... sorry to sound ignorant, but I still don't know what you want me to do.

Ghrenkuliacur: You will know, in due time, in due time...

Magefrost: But, wait, then why was I brought here?

Ghrenkuliacur: To undergo a transformation, which will help you in your duties.

Magefrost: Uhh... what sort of transformation?

Ghrenkuliacur: Don't worry, you will feel no pain.

*The twelve ent spirits formed a line in front of Magefrost. Starting with Ghrenkuliacur, they each touched his forehead and were absorbed into his body. Magefrost tried to get away, but found he couldn't move, all he could do was wince, expecting great pain, despite the Ent's reassurances. Fortunatly none came. As each Ent passed into Magefrost, his form slowly changed, until he was completely changed once the final one passed into him. His ckin, and his clothing, as well, had been covered in a thick layer of tough bark, and he had grown considerably taller and wider. His hair had turned to leaves, and his eyes to glowing orbs of amber. The wooden part of his staff was absorbed into him, and the gem in it was partially embeded in his chest now, above where his heart should be.*

Magefrost: I am no longer Magefrost, until such time as the forests are regrown and protection set in order, I will stay this way. From now on, I will be known as Entfrost.

Entfrost: Now, I must return and begin my work.

*With that, Entfrost curled up and seemed to implode into himself*

Back in Aunoth, outside of the Frost Jedi castle, in Winter Forest...

*Out of the hollow of a large old tree that had survived the forest fire, a large ball of wood and bark fell to the ground. After it hit, it uncurled and stood up. Entfrost was back. He slowly walked to the gates of the Frost Jedi Castle.*

Entfrost: I am Entfrost, once known as Magefrost. Please let me back in.

The being now known as Entfrost finds that Megafrost is standing near the front gate, having recently escorted Ara Pax out of the Frost castle. Megafrost looks up at Entfrost, senses some similarity between Magefrost and Entfrost. He cannot tell, however if Entfrost is being entirely truthful.

"Hold on, let me see Gigafrost. I can't tell if you're really Magefrost, but Giga might be able to."

Megafrost walks into the castle gates and goes to find Giga.

Suddenly Entfrost felt something moving through his body...kinda like a barrier except really soft. It tickled some but he realized it was just the Guardians probably scanning him. Looking around, he finally spotted Gigafrost standing on the wall but way off to the side. Entfrost found it funny and chuckled a bit, knowing that it was just like Giga to take such a precautious approach.

The tickling sensation ended and Giga smiled, knowing that Entfrost spoke the truth. He walked along the wall towards the gate, speaking...

Hello, Entfrost. We had begun to wonder what happened. We'd let you in but our local imbeciles, Dunnope and Dyupnope, have broken the gate mechanism and they both got stuck in the repair crawlspace trying to fix it. The repairs and the rescue should almost be done and once they are we can let you in.

Giga finally reached the part of the wall that was next to the gate and continued...

While we wait we could talk. Tell me, what has happened?

Entfrost: The one you knew as Magefrost has become a part of... us. We are the elder Ents of Aunoth, original home of the frost jedi, and we have decided that it was time once again that this one perform his duty as protector of the forests, and we have decided to see to this personally by becoming one with him. And, I believe I hold a soution to your little problem.

*Entfrost walks up to the wall, and touches one stone, which slides out of the way, showing itself as fake stone, backed by a control panel with various toggles, buttons, and flashing lights.*

Entfrost: The one you know as Nimrod made this a while ago, and...

*Entfrost starts slowly, methodically pressing a sequence of buttons, and suddenly shiny, metallic, arching bridge pops up out of the ground and exetends over the wall. Entfrost calmy closes the control panel and walks across the bridge, stopping at the top and turning to the side, walking across the top wall towards giga.*

Entfrost:... I find it useful to our current situation. I believe there are certain systems in place which could help with the rescue attempt.

Giga nodded to himself and then shook his head...

I was aware of the auto-repair system but unfortunately with Dunnope and Dyupnope involved it's hard to use them. In any case, it looks as if they just finished the rescue anyways...

As Giga said this Dunnope and Dyupnope crawled out of the repair crawlspace followed closely by Frovil and Iztaiping. As soon as they had cleared the space it closed behind them, humming lowly. The wall rumbled slightly with the shifting of machinery as the gate mechanism finished repairing itself.

So, you mentioned the location "Aunoth" as the original home of the Frost Jedi. Tell me, where exactly is it? What is it?

Entfrost: Aunoth is a smaller, colder continent to the north of this one. It was a major focus for mana thousands of years ago, when the frost jedi dwelt there. Much of it has died since they left, having been forced out by the Necromancers. We, the spirits who co inhabit this body, were victims of the massive death energies, as was the basin once filled with forests and much life energy, which we called home. It is now a barren desert wasteland, as is a large part of Aunoth, along with much tundra and snow and frost. Now, if you'll excuse me, I see some work that needs to be done.

*Entfrost walked down the other side of the arching bridge, and, upon reaching the ground inside the castle, it quickly retracted. He walked into the garden, and stood there calmly, just breathing. As he breathed, the new plants that had been put in there seemed to grow, almost visibly. New sprouts popped up out of the ground, and the already begining to regrow garden began to came almost all the way back to it's previous state. Entfrost walked over to come of the plants, and plucked from them various bulbs and leaves and flowers, holding the collection of debris in his hand. He walked into the hospital and into the room which Nyufrost was in.*

Doctor: Uh, sorry , no vistors right now, sir.

Entfrost: I am not a visitor, I am a healer. Now let me through.

*The Doctor just stared at the tree person, perplexed, but Entfrost just walked past him to the side of Nyufrost's bed, where she lay, beaten and broken. Entfrost crushed the plant debris he held in his hand, clasing it into a tight balled fist. Crunching noises could be heard as it compressed, and a little bit of sap leaked out between his finger. As he held this paste, colorful energies began to swirl in the magical gem that had been a part of his staff. It turned a rich green color, and he carefully fed her some. As it went down her throat, her wounds began to slowly vanish, as if they were being erased by a pencil rubber. He continued feeding it to her until there was none left, and she was no longer even bruised. Entfrost then got up and walked out of the room before she could wake up, and headed once again the garden, where he walked out off the trail and just stood there, seeming to become, perhaps literally, rooted to the ground.*

Entfrost: So peaceful... one would hardly believe that it had been destroyed in a great explosion which released a god but a little while ago.
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