Tsorfagem's creation

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Tsorfagem's creation

Postby Megafrost » Mon Dec 09, 2002 3:45 am

Note: This is an event that happened in the past.


Megafrost emerges from a portal inside the Frost Jedi fortress, returning from the woods where the Frost Jedi had been mining their materials. He headed towards a library with-in the fortress, and started looking through them. After awhile, he pulled out one and opened it, finding different ritual magic spell instructions. He closed it and smiled.

Megafrost: "It's a good thing there are books on this subject, or I might never be able to get this accomplished."

Bringing the book with him, Megafrost walked out of the library and walked off into the passages of the fortress. After walking for quite a bit, he found himself in a room designed for use in ritual magic.

Megafrost: "Darn, took me forever to find this place. I should've known that I would eventually need an use for ritual magic."

Following instructions from his book, Megafrost started setting up the ritual room for his spell. As he placed various Ritual items around the room, he looked at the doors. Not wanting to be interrupted when he actually started the ritual, Megafrost closed all the doors and locked them, activating a magical seal to prevent anything from outside from getting in.

After finishing setting up the room, Megafrost looked at his book again for instructions, and began the ritual.

As the last candle lights up, a rumbling noise is heard throughout the entire fortress and lightning flashes in the sky above. The entire room begins to fog up, and the room begins to shake, with Megafrost barely able to keep balance.

Eventually, the quaking and the lightning stops and in the center of the room, a form rises. Megafrost smiles.

Megafrost: "The spell is a success."

The doors to the room open, and the seal lowers itself as Megafrost walks out of the room with his familar, Tsorfagem, following him.

The universe is mine and all shall bow before the might of Megafrost, master of Orion, master of the universe...
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