The Recent History of the Frost Jedi (warning, long thread)

The history, rules and characters of the Frost Jedi.

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The Recent History of the Frost Jedi (warning, long thread)

Postby Gigafrost » Mon Dec 09, 2002 12:50 am

Well, I'm bringing information from Castle Reshka over here. This starts just after Giga was awakened, and sadly that thread was deleted due to the clearing of the Asylum Archives over there...

Anywho, here it starts:
Giga's journey to the north reveals that the Frost Jedi had been destroyed in the war against the Necromancers. The ruins of the former headquarters lie in ruins.

Standing upon the tallest pillar, the wind picks up as Giga draws in the mana that had gathered underneath the long-destroyed fortress. Dark clouds gather overhead as the huge mana supply enters Giga's body. He stumbles a bit, unused to holding in the mana because of his long sleep, but he somehow holds himself up.

"I must remember not to draw so much mana so early," he mumbled under his breath. Calmly lowering his hands, he clears his mind and focuses on the debry of the central building.
Nearby rocks slowly lift into the air and begin to assemble into a wall that had been blown apart. An old wall reassembles itself and rises to form a second wall, and the remaining two walls that were still standing become stiffer as if new strength had been imbued within them.

Pointing his hands at what was once a guard tower, Giga raises the stones into the air and they begin to assemble a new roof. It is then that he notices an oddly shaped rock sticking out of the ground in the middle of a patch of dirt where no grass was growing.

"The wonder the stronghold fell..."

Focusing all his attention on the rock and on another nearby patch of dirt, Giga raised his hands towards the sky. After a flash of lightning the ground began to rumble and split as two giant statues rose out of the ground.

The first statue was an angel holding a massive crystal sword.
"Rebirth, the representation of the good aspects that the Frost Jedi were formed upon..."

The second statue was a demon holding a massive axe. Embedded within its handle are strange purple stones. "...and Death, the representation of the evil aspects that the Frost Jedi had come to accept and use..."

Occult symbols appear on either side of what was becoming the front of the fortress. The statues slowly float and set themselves down on the symbols. "...together they represent the Frost Jedi's allegiance to neither good nor evil, but the allegiance to the Clan."

The statues eyes glow briefly as Giga channels the remainer of the mana into the two statues. The gems on Death's axe and Rebirth's crystal sword glow lightly and the central building finished assembling itself. A faint magical aura can be felt in the area. "As long as these guardians remain standing, so shall the Frost Jedi."

Giga collapses from the strain of focusing so much mana through his body. "Indeed, doing something so rash will most certainly weaken my ability to channel mana for a long time, but for now I must rest." Carefully climbing down the pillar, Giga walks into the newly restored Frost Jedi structure.

"Unless more come to join the army, I'm afraid that I won't be able to mantain it. Surely, if the army were meant to survive then destiny would guide those who would join here. We shall see what fate has in store for us..."

*************Xenith, the Dark Jedi************
A dark shadow shone briefly upon where Gigafrost was standing. A man, covered in black stepped out of a destroyed wall, and pushed back his cloak, revealing the metal handle of his lightsaber. Xenith stared at the man before him.

Although now following the teachings of the Darkside, Xenith was still fighting for goodness. He was also not willing to join any group. But allies would be useful when he got into things that he alone could not handle.

"Greetings....fellow Jedi. I am Xenith, a Light Jedi turned to the Darkside, and I seek not membership, but actually an alliance. If you allie, and aid me in some of the more "serious" of tasks, than I shall aid you when you require long as the aid you require is not for evil intentions." The Dark Jedi said as he ran his fingers through his hair, awaiting Gigafrost's reply.

Giga eyed the dark Jedi carefully.

As a Jedi, you receive my respect. Althouth the Frost Jedi were once Jedi themselves, I'm afraid that many members did not learn to use the force. I am one of them. The Frost Jedi can be seen as a group of Jedi who had ideals much like your own, but abandonded the force to persue magical abilities. Indeed, in my current state I will not be able to match you in skill, but should I be able to turn the tide of battle in your favor then I shall be there.

*******NimrodConjuror who had just lost to Nall************
After NimrodConjuror had thawed himself, he decided to fly all the way around the world. He saw many interesting things, but none particularly caught his attention until he came upon a fortress that was seemingly assembling itself. He was puzzled until he saw a mage standing in the courtyard who seemed to be causing the construction. As always, curious of any sort of magic, NimrodConjuror fly down to investigate. As he reached a lower altitude, he realized it was the same mage that he had released from the ruins.

Hello! I believe we've already met. I see that you are starting a group of warriors...
I may have need of allies later, and the other groups that I have found so far are not to my tastes. It seems these "Frost Jedi" aren't so hell bent on being extremely evil. I will join, and heck, I have no reason for my name, so I might as well change it to NimrodFrost! I now officially join with the Frost Jedi!
Some where under the ocean in a huge castle sits a clear coffin machinery coming of it at odds and angles within it sits a small figure but then a surge of mana burst thruogh and the figures eye opend he stood up and sed in a whisper "The Gardians" with that a swirling blue portal apeared and he walked through apearing miles away in the frost jedi forttress "well Giga arent you glad to see me?

Turning to face the creature, NimrodConjuror, smiles before greeting him:

Ah, yes! You are one who set me free! The Frost Jedi knows no race boundaries. I am honored to serve alongside such a unique creature. I am even more honored by your suggestion of changing your name, seeing as it isn't a requirement of joining the Clan.

At the sudden arrival of his old friend, Giga turns around to greet Omegafrost

Ah, Omegafrost! How nice to see you. Indeed, I am curious why I should meet a friend from my time in this day and age! Tell me, what brings you here now that I've awakened?

When the Great war began I knew there was know chance of survival so i left and put my self in suspended animation to awaken only when the gardians rose again.

Ah, and so they have risen again! If the two of us are still around, maybe there are others who sleep, waiting for the day that the Guardians would rise. But enough of this chitter-chatter. I need to rebuild the interior. A few basics are missing, but I'm sure I could have those built in no time.

Ahh Yes, but could we add one extra thing, a secret portal to my lab I hate wasting so much mana telaporting!

Yes, that is a dilema, but until the Guardians recover enough mana themselves we shall have no way to power a portal, let alone, magically redecorate the interior. Alas, us former members must make sacrifices for the time being. We cannot immediately return to the former comfort we used to enjoy...

At this point, Giga takes a hammer out and begins to nail a few pieces of wood into place.

Alas I am afraid you are right but we can at least get manual laber started
*with that He raised his hand and created a portal from wich about 2 dozen small creatures scurried out and began seeking work to do* my creations can help us.
Xenith stared at the creature that had just appeared. The Dark Jedi turned his steely gaze from it and disappeared into a dark portal that opened up behind him. As he goes through it, he takes one last look at the Frost Jedi, and the portal closes.
"Manual labor, eh? I think I can help with that... So you own this property, right? Would you mind if I used the area beneath this place as mass, or are their any dungeons I should know about?"

Giga laughed and smiled at the humorous question.

This property isn't really owned by anybody, but it is important that we not hollow out the ground beneath this building because the ground is a mana focus point. It's what keeps the guardians powered and what will give us many of our future conveniences. I could, however, show you the outer perimeter of the mana cache. It will take some time to gather the mana to create magically reinforced walls, but you're free to create a non-magical wall for now.

While talking, Giga leads Nimrod around the perimeter of the mana cache, a perfect circle with a radius of 2000 feet with the current building at the exact center.

"Oh, fine then!"

NimrodConjuror flys away past the outer walls of the newly rebuilt fortress and plummets towards the ground, seemingly vanishing into it
*Nall had heard of the Jedi Frost from town but always had thought it a myth but now as she saw it revealing before her.She walked up to Giga and stared at him for a minute...*

"Gretings....I am Nall.I like the sound of this thing you are doing,but i will not leave the Unlight yet i must see what you do first...and i must duel with you so i challenge you to a duel!"

If it is a duel you want, then I shall accept your challenge under one condition: that we fight elsewhere.

Giga walks up to one of the guardians and looks at it carefully. Had anybody looked carefully, they would have noticed that Giga was chanting something. The wind suddenly picked up as the eyes of the statues glow for a brief second and a strange dizzying blur appeared an inch above the ground near the statue. Giga spun around to face the daywalker.

This portal shall lead us to Kluminatra, the long dead Necromancer city that I had been imprisoned in. I do not wish for any damage to come to this fortress while still in its infant stages.

Giga then paused, waiting for the daywalker's response...

*Nall stares at the portal then at Giga.*

"You stupid fool do you expect me to fall for your stupid trick? I will not go first you must go first.I might just fly there cause I have no way of telling if you are tricking me.So you wish to go to the place where I first say you no problem I can fly there.What do you say to that?"

*Nall stares at Giga waiting for a response*

Giga nodds his head and responds.

If that is the way you wish to travel there so be it. I shall wait for your arrival.

Giga turns to Omega and Nimrod.

Be sure to welcome any new arrivals while I am out.

Giga then steps through the portal...

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Further Retrievals...

Postby Dracofrost » Sat Jun 11, 2005 12:40 am

Here's plenty more stuff concerning the Frost's, though mostly the rune magic system. Retrieved from ol' Reshka.


Miles away from the battle of Orodril, Giga came to a section in the forest and stopped at a giant hill. He searched around the base of the hill, apparently looking for some sort of opening. Circling many times, Giga finally stopped to talk to himself.

Hmmm...the entrance used to be here...I suppose that it's been buried after 7000 years. I suppose that mean I'll have to dig to un-bury it.

Giga then walked 100 yards away from the hill, turned to face it, and sat down. Relaxing his entire body, Giga began slowly drawing mana knowing that he could draw twice his normal amount. He also began running a magical finger through the ground, searching for any abnormal solid objects underground. He sat still for many hours before he finished drawing the mana, but he still continued searching the ground. He sat calmly searching through the night. As the light of dawn approached, Giga finally stood up.

Walking around to the western side of the hill, Giga pointed his hands at the ground. Small explosions knocked much of the dirt loose and Giga used wind to clear the dust out of the tunnel he was creating. To keep the ceiling stable and to prevent a collapse Giga solidified portions of the tunnel. After digging for a little more than an hour Giga finally stopped using explosions to clear the dirt and began rubbing against the end of the tunnel with rocks. After about 5 minutes of this, he had managed to break through to an underground cavaty(sp?)

He entered the tunnel which was big enough for him to stand upright in. It was sharply slanted downwards, though. As soon as he had entered the tunnel he held his hand up and created a light-generating orb (because the sun rises in the east and it was still early in the day so there was no light shining into the tunnel ). Going deep underground, Giga finally came to the end of the tunnel and found what appeared to be the entrance to some sort of structure that was buried deep underground.

He stepped inside and looked around, finding himself in a pretty big room...

OOC: I have already planned what the structure is and some of what I plan to find here. If anybody else "followed" me then there's nothing wrong with that...just be aware that there's no place to hide inside this room and there are markings that I'll describe more the next time I post. Also, because I spent so much time scanning and digging you'd obviously have to be following me...just thought I'd let you know...


OOC: I gave people a I'm going in even deeper. I'll still leave little tips on "following" me into this place...

Giga tossed the orb forward towards where he figured the middle of the room would be. The orb floated a little and stopped, rising into the air and becoming brighter thus lightening up the entire room. The room was cylindrical with passages to the east and west. The walls were covered with pictures and strange runic letters. At the very center of the room there was a small recession in the floor. It was surrounded by two circles, each made of 6 similar recessions in the floor.

Giga walked up to the wall in an attempt to make some sense of the pictures and the strange letters, but as he looked at the writing it seemed to constantly change as if it didn't want to be read. Giga stepped back and nodded...

Yes, this is the place alright. The unreadable words...'tis a mystery that I shall study later.

Giga walked through the doorway opposite of the one he had entered through, and the orb followed, hovering just in front of him. He walked 40 feet before the light of the orb revealed the end of the tunnel and the next room. Stepping into the room, the orb hovered towards where Giga estimated the center would be. This room was very similar to the previous room.

It was cylindrical with the same recessions in the floor, but this room was twice as big and the walls were not covered with the pictures and runes. There were 7 doors; 6 of which formed a perfect hexagon shape around the room. Each of these six had a single runic letter above them that, like the previous room, seemed to shift whenever Giga tried to read them, except these runes seemed to have colors to them.

The seventh door had no such marking above it and was due north. Giga looked around at the six doorways...he had come from the red doorway. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something hidden in a doorway...a skeleton. Walking up to it, he knelt down and examined it. Upon spotting a bracelet on its wrist, Giga backed up and spoke to himself.'s Edward. I guess his body has remained undisturbed for over 7000 years. I wonder where that monster is now. Well, it doesn't appear to be here, so I shall continue exploring.

Giga then approached the unmarked passage to the north...

OOC: Again, another break in the story. I already know what is in 6 of the rooms...I have a pretty good idea what is in the 7th room. If anybody is to join me from here then they could have sensed my magical digging and just happened to be near enough to feel it. They could "discover" the passage and come down. Remember, though, that they need some method of seeing down here. Oh, and nobody will be able to read the runes on the'll understand more later.

Moonstone Spider:

*The air pulses as Sylk teleports into the room just after Gigafrost leaves. Finding it hard to see, Sylk summons one of her Wraiths and has it cast Lumina to give light.*
Sylk: "Don't you just love the decor on this place? Nice work. Of course the outside could use a few more dead trees and this inside would be really spruced up by some spikes with heads on them. I wonder where I can find some? Oooh, a Skeleton, let's see if we can get this bad boy operational again."
Death Knight: "I find it irritating that you insist on travelling around drunk. Do you have any idea how foolishly happy you sound in this state? Show some dignity and stay back at the tower of loathing next time."
*Sylk's twinscythe glows as she begins the undead transformation spell.*


Warblade and his companion Ammar fell form the ceiling the landed with a thud. Sylk turned to see them. The both dusted themselves off. Warblade looked and saw Sylk. "Wonderful! We want adventure we find Madusa"Warblade said. Ammar looked at her minions. "Well we have em to"Ammar said playfuly. He unspokenly rose 5 bonelords. They stood ready with their staffs. "Well we cant wait forever. Warblade said. Following the passage north towards Giga's trail. OOC~ i was laso coming then i saw MS's arrival so i made mine more comedic. Sorry if it is the same,but teleport was going be my way.


OOC: Now it's getting a little more interesting!

Hearing voices behind him, Giga broke into a fast run to reach the end of the tunnel. He came out of the other side and found himself in a giant treasure room with what appeared to be mountains of gold. Skeletons littered the room. Many of them, and they had all tried to grab the treasure.

Heh, the fools. Quite a clever little trap they've set here...the real treasure is probably buried underneath this "gold".

Giga noticed a door on the other side of the chamber and, remembering the voices behind him, he sprinted for it, down the staircase and across the giant room. As he ran through the door he could have sworn he heard the footsteps of somebody entering the treasure room.

The tunnel was longer that the others, slanted downwards, and as Giga burst out of the other side he found himself in what appeared to be a library with books scattered all over the place. Giga did not have time to explore, though, because he thought he heard the footsteps of somebody following him...

OOC: Well, Rao, now I'm giving you the chance to catch up to me. MS, remember, there are alot of dead bodies in the treasure room and in the purple room, although most of these bodies weren't of the strongest\smartest people since they're obviously all dead. I dunno if this affects your raising in any way.


"Any reason behind our friend running"Ammar asked puzzled. "I dunno,he is quite fast."Warblade laughed. "Well are you up for a good run?"Warblade asked. "Always sire"He said. They both along with the bone lords took off at a sprint. As they headed out of the corridor they ran into a room. Just litered with skeletons. "Friends?"Warblade asked the head bone lord. "They cannot be raised to good use."The bone lord whispered. "For they have been recently killed and have not yet been raised by a necromancer"The lord said again. "Ahhh i see"Warblade said as they continued through the room. As they began a ran again going down a longer tunnel now. They broke off into a librabry. At this site Ammar stopped. "Here take a lord and go help Giga"Ammar insisted. "no. no need. I will go on by myself. Have fun here. If our lady friend passes by and bothers you. You know what to do"Warblade said and took off at a dead sprint into the next tunnel. It was bigger and alot of darker in this one. He noticed that there was no more noise.

Hiding are we my friend? he thought to himself.


OOC: Well, there wasn't supposed to be any room beyond the library...well, no open paths. The idea was that we were going to stop in this library and meet. So let's say my character did something as soon as you entered the room. Then we could work on the same track from there?

Sensing that somebody had entered the room too Giga turned and held his hands forward; prepared to respond to any attacks. There were two people in the room. Giga watched as one turned to talk to the other and approached Giga.

So, you're the one who has been following me. Who are you and for what purpose do you follow me?


"Well you are going to need some help i suppose. Medusa is back there. She is quite treacherous. I am Warblade of Orodril and this is my good Friend,Ammar."Warblade said. Pouring some saki from his cask. He offered to Ammar who accepted. Giga refused. "So what are we looking for?


Giga relaxed some.

Well, I'm not exactly sure what we're looking for. I came here once when I was younger and there was a creature that seemed to be guarding something. I can't remember why, but for some reason I had been under the impression that something related to magic had been hidden here...a magical item...or maybe a new magical memories of that time are so fuzzy.

Giga eyed the room taking it in a little more carefully. In two of the corners there were dead bodies. Many books had been thrown off of their shelves.

Well, I'm sure there's something worth guarding in here else there wouldn't be dead bodies. Fortunately, the books don't seemed cursed like the mountains of gold out there.

Warblade raised is eyebrow, obviously curious as to why Giga knew this. Pointing to a body, Giga said

Well, that body over there has one of the books, yet he died the same way my friend did. The monster killed my friend, so it seems pretty obvious to me that the monster killed these people too.

Giga walked up to the dead body that was holding the book. The book the skeleton held was so covered with dust that Giga couldn't tell anything about it other than the fact that it was fairly thick. Picking up the book magically, Giga swiped his hand to the side magically knocking the dust off of the book.

Heh, well, this book looks like it's contains pretty valuable knowledge. he said as he put the book in his robe We could look at it once we leave this place. In the mean time, I wonder if there are any other books here with any worthwhile knowledge. Afterwards, let's go back into that treasure room to see if we can find anything that won't kill us if we touch it.

Giga then proceeded to look through many of the books on the shelves and on the ground.

OOC: Okay, this library won't have everything in it, but if there was a little bit of knowledge that you wanted to know...about an artifact or something...then maybe a book here could contain that info? As for finding special items, there should be something in the treasure room that we could find. Maybe you could read about it in one of the books?

Moonstone Spider:

OOC~ The state of the bodies doesn't normally matter, I just roll a random number to see what Sylk gets which is supposed to represent the odds of a really good corpse vs. a moron. If I know I'm raising a wizard I'd make it a lich or a knight would become a death knight but otherwise I just do them randomly.
*The sounds of Drunken singing come from the center room.*
Sylk and her new skeleton: "If you are evil and live to destroy *hic* here is the army you will enjoy! Everybody join in!"
Death Knight: "Would you mind walking on the other side of the dungeon? Honestly, there are known hostiles in here and we were almost in a fight before they ran off a few seconds ago. If we find an amethyst I can use it to sober you up. . ."
Sylk: "Don' wanna be sobre. Took too much wine to get to thi' state. Wanna sing! Join in! I smell death in that room, les' go make some new friends. . ."
*Sylk wanders into the treasure room.*
Sylk: "Ooh, sparkly."
Death Knight: "Its poisonous. Look at how the bodies lay. I think undead could carry the treasure off unharmed though, perhaps we could use this to set a booby trap for somebody else later."
*Sylk rasies a Skeleton, Wraith (I need to kill a few of these, I have 7 now!) and a Wight (alright, top-notch monster!). They shortly begin to sing.*
Sylk and co: "All foolish goodness will flee when we're near
We fill their hearts up with horror and fear
Neither the light nor the dark can withstand
The Unlight Army's unholy command."
Death Knight: "This is humiliating."
*The group wanders aimlessly through the chambers, winding up back at the start. Using eeny meeny miney moe (and getting it wrong) Sylk picks out the 3rd door (assuming you're going by the spectrum 7 that one would be yellow) and walks in, still singing loudly and off key.*
Sylk and co: "So join up now with the Army so Great
Compared to us all else is second rate
It's not too late for your soul to be seared
and you'll become something evil and feared
Imagine yourself as the Master, the Wiz,
You can be Unlight, the greatest there is!"


OOC: Well, just for some guidance, there could potentially be the random wizard, but most of the people who came in were probably tomb-robber type people or young foolish adventurers. The treasure in the treasure room isn't really gold as you might of guessed, but hey! They undead should be able to make really mean traps out of those!

OOC - Continued: Yeah, the rooms are going by the spectrum, so the third colored door is yellow. it will pretty much look exactly like the red room except the entrance will be sealed off. There might be a dead body or two in there, though, since the monster killed people who came in. The doorway on the other side of that room should be closed, though, and the only doorway you should be able to open is in the purple room because *hint* undead are allied to the purple room and so a necromancer should be able to open that door.

Moonstone Spider:

*Sylk walks headfirst into the Yellow door, falls throug the wraith, and lands on her butt.*
Sylk: "Ow! Destroy the door! It's our enemy!"
Death Knight: "Quit being an idiot and get up. That door won't open for us. Try another one."
*Sylk tries the red, green, and blue doors before discovering that the purple door will open for her. Sylk and her current crop of minions enter the purple chamber.*


OOC: lol...that wasn't quite what i had in mind, but good idea! The red chamber is supposed to be of flesh and blood (aka living) so me coming in through that entrance as Giga makes sense! I, unfortunately, won't do anything until Rao responds or a day or two have passed...

Moonstone Spider:

OOC~ Swell, so Sylk shouldn't be able to enter the Purple room since she's flesh and blood. Only her minions can go in purple. This is getting confusing, I need to know the rules if I'm not to break them. ~IC


OOC: I think sylk could go through both, maybe? Sylk is flesh and blood but her energies are very much of the undead...I don't see problems with her using multiple then we'd need to figure who can go through what...

Red is flesh and blood so obviously only the living can go through.
Orange is fire\war\strengthy type stuff so it's really meant for those who rely on strength
Yellow is light and energy so I don't think evil should be able to pass...i'm not entirely sure about the energy part, though
Green is earth and life so only those in touch with other life would be able to enter
Blue is water and mana so only those allied to the water and magic would be able to pass...Sylk might be able to enter this passage
Purple is death and destruction so because sylk specialises in the undead she can enter this room.

My original thoughts were that you couldn't exit through those chambers unless...well...i wasn't entirely sure. I was leaving it vague so that others could serve to strengthen themselves here too.


OOC~ Confused here. Warblade is flesh and bone and muscle. He relies on his agility and strenght? Where do i go?


OOC: You don't have to worry because we went through the unmarked door.

Moonstone Spider:

OOC~ Okay, so Sylk can take the Purple, Blue, and Red doors. Makes sense, aside from the fact that she bounced off of the blue door a second ago, but she's still mostly mage at the moment so I'd say she's got a mana alliance even if it's not water. Now make with the posting of what she's going to trip over in the chamber of purpleness so I can go on. Rao, you should be able to use the Orange or Red Doors. Red because you are alive, Orange because you are a warrior. ~IC


OOC: Well, each colored room pretty much resembles the other colored rooms...the only really unique room is the one to the north which has no color. I'll leave it up to you what you find in the rooms...perhaps a dead wizard or dead knight to create a powerful minion or something? Maybe you had a good idea for a magical artifact your character could have and you could it (or the instructions on how to create\aquire it)? This place is very old and so there could be very old artifacts in here...and yes there's a reason the 7 rooms are very similar but we shouldn't be able to mess with that for quite some for the exits on the other side of the rooms they should come out at some place where their elements are dominant I think. Or at least the remanants of such elements.

Giga had searched the bookshelves but found no books that interested him. Looking up as Warblade and Ammar continued to look at books Giga decided to begin studying the book he had found previously. Opening it up he briefly looked at the first 100 pages unsure what it was. Looking through it slowly he found a page that he could was from an older language but it was one he could read, although the wording made very little sense. The next few pages were also in this language and he finally found one that he understood. It seemed to be some sort of spell that one could use to magically write on almost anything...except there were holes in the spell. Nothing seemed to give the writing any visible colors, for example, but Giga decided that the first pages of this book described this same magical spell in many languages and in many different magical systems.

Fingering through the book some more, Giga came to where he figured the writting about the spells ended and a new "chapter" began. The back of the page had a handprint on it and the left page had seemingly meaningless scribble, but Giga had seen this type of scribble before and he knew how to read it. Putting his hand on the handprint the text suddenly became perfectly readable. He began to read the text out loud...

The initiate shall only need to know of the Gods. The six gods who rule over all lie in a constant struggle for dominance in our world. Although they're not gods of our universe they seek to influence and become a part of our universe and in this world lies the key to their freedom. The initiate need not know why the power of the Gods flows through the runes, nor do they need to know the runes themselves. They must first understand the nature of the six Gods and the magical energy they release into our world.

Mo'orthil is the god of blood and flesh and is assosiated with the color red.
Feir'tef is the god of fire and war and is assosiated with the color orange.
Taigon is the god of light and energy and is assosiated with the color yellow.
Erakune is the god of earth and life and is assosiated with the color green.
Nis'acon is the god of water and mana and is assosiated with the color blue.
Mir'tal is the god of death and destruction and is assosiated with the color purple.

Although one would assume that a god's weakness would be determined by their elements this is not the is instead determined by their color on the spectrum. Purple would beat blue, blue would beat green, green would beat yellow, and so on.

OOC: Okay, I'm introducing a new little magic system and that's the main thing I'm planning on getting for my character, for now anyways.

Moonstone Spider:

OOC~ Okay, so it's basically an artifact related to the given room in each one. And the decor would presumably match each room as well. ~IC
*Sylk stumbles into the room of necromancy. The walls are covered with velvet tapestries, thick with dust. In small jars of amethyst along the floor, bodies are stored as phylacteries. Surrounding a single figure in the center of the floor are four platforms, representing the four elements. The central figure is an emaciated body which emits an evil aura as powerful as Sylk's own. Around it's neck is a medallion of some strange medal who's surface is charred black from it's inner darkness.*
Sylk: "Pretty tapestries, let's take them and make a bed. . . I feel sleepy."
Death Knight: "This travesty is at an end. If you wish to drink yourself into a stupor, fine. But you cannot risk yourself and everybody else travelling that way ignoring every danger and chance for profit."
*The Death Knight grabs an amethyst phylactery and dumps the ashes and bones out of it. He then dips up some water from the platform of water and chants a spell over it.*
Death Knight: "Amethystos Eruditio!"
*The water glows and the Death Knight Grabs Sylk and, in an event very rarely seen, pulls down her mask baring her face.*
Sylk: "Don' wanna be sober. You're my servant! Obey me!"
Death Knight: "I am your servant, and too good of one to let you get yourself killed."
*The Death Knight force feeds Sylk the glowing magical water and she is promptly cured of her drunkeness.*
Sylk: "That's a very dangerous thing to do. I should kill you where you stand."
Death Knight: "Go ahead. My life is yours anyway."
*Sylk swings her scythe. . . but stops at the last second.*
Sylk: "I hate it when you're right. Alright, this place is loaded with stuff. Let's start looting."
*Sylk summons her Wraiths.*
Sylk: "Return to the pile of faerie gold we found earlier and begin transporting it to the tower of Loathing. I have plans for using it. Let's see what this corpse has. . ."
*Sylk checks the body's tags.*
Sylk: "The Hand of Shadow, I've heard of this guy. An Arch-Lich in his time, one of the deadliest Necromancer's alive and a powerful undead wizard after that. I'd love to enslave him, but you can only raise the dead once."
*Sylk searches the body, only the Pendant appears useful.*
Sylk: "Hmm, I don't recognize this artifact. The Hand of Shadow had hundreds of relics in his time, and that's even before mine."
*Sylk summons a Spectre. Having it look at the Pendant, she sends it back to check her library for a record of something similar.*
Sylk: "Okay, enough action here, a quick raising of some help and we'll go on to the next chamber."
Death Knight: "Only some chambers can be entered. The others are barred to us."
Sylk: "We'll see about that."
*Sylk raises a pair of Zombies and a Spectre.*


Ammar searched through many books he found "He shouted. He kept seaching. Warblade sat. Watching the going ons has Sylk made a total idiot of herself. She needed lessons on singing. He found the death knight quite amusing. Well only becuz he made fun of her. The Bone lords stood still. "ooo yes"Ammaar said suddenly. He twirled his hands. A sparkle came and headed towards the lords. "Need to keep em' around longer"Ammar explained. "Well i am going to get that room over there"Warblade said pointing to a door without any color.

OOC~ Now is this alright? Going to the door with no color?


OOC: Door without color leads to treasure room leads to library. All the rooms must have those 13 recessions in the's because this was once a temple above ground and it was designed as the center of a very unpopular form of magic that involved the six before-mentioned gods. The temple itself will not be very useful at all, though. Only the treasure inside.

After reading about the six gods Giga flipped through the book to read more about them. A page caught his attention and he again read it out loud.

The origins of the gods were very similar to eachother and yet each was distinct enough to be told separately. Each room divoted to each god has that god's origin written on the wall in the original language of the gods, the same language of the runes, the language whos very words are unreadable unless special knowledge of each rune is obtained.

Back to the origin of the gods, it is important to know that our universe is but a single universe with a finite number of universes next to it. The origin starts when an event occured in a universe right next to ours. This event disrupted the happenings in the six universes surrounding it, causing energy to move in a circle between the 6 universes. As the energy condensded in each universe the gods were born as the bodies that would contain the energy, yet once the gods realized the openings in their universes that the energy was flowing to and attempted to enter them they disrupted the flow of energy and shut the portals, leaving each god with a unique color signature.

Eventually, each god managed to absorb all energy in their universe and were left with the goals of leaving their universe and using their seemingly bottomless energy reserves. This is where our universe comes in. We weren't affected by the disruptive events as severly as the other universes. Instead, the barrier between our universe and those other 7 universes thinned. It was a very long time before Janco first contacted the gods and founded our cult. We are the gateway through which the gods may enter our world, and this is the reason runic magic is more mana efficient than all other forms of magic.

Giga had to ponder this. It seems this had once been a temple to worship the 6 mentioned gods, but Giga is more interested in the spellcasting system. He immediately begins thumbing through the book looking for information about it...


Warblade turned to the red door. Feeling something that he should go. He did. He open the door. It was dark. He lit a torch that was laying on the ground ways a way. He heard something. A wind or sumthing. He pointed the light towards the noise. A giant mountain troll sttod there. ehind it was a case. warblade was more worried about the troll. "Whoaaaa"He said. The troll swung its spiked club. Inches from Warblade who moved a little faster. He unsheathed his sword. But he was csmashed by something else. A loud snicker came from the darkness. A large kobold came from the shadow part. Weilding his large mace. "Isnt that a little big for you?"Warblade said dusting himself off. Now that wasnt nice. He swung the blade but the kobold deflecteed it. Warblade dodged another smash from the troll. The kobold swung again at the unportected back. He hit him again seding him across the floor infront of the troll. It lifted his club and brought it down.................

OOC~ I ask no interference here.


Flipping through the book quickly Giga finally came upon an entry that caught his attention near the back of the book.

Many of the initiates who come wish to learn the secrets of all the runes, but we only teach the knowledge of the six basic runes. Other runes exist in the world and we leave it up to the runecaster to develope into a more powerful caster by searching the world for other runes.

The basic setup of a spell involves the setup of a noun-alliance-verb in that order. Each basic rune has a meaning as a noun, as an alliance, and as a verb. We leave the discovery of the meaning of each rune up to the runecaster (under the proper authority of a higher-level runecaster, of course). Study these 7 runes carefully.

On the next page Giga finds 7 runes, morphing at first but as Giga reads about them he finds that they don't seem to change, at least to his eyes. He can now read the following seven runes:


Suddenly, Giga hears a sound behind him and he quickly turns to find a secret passage opening up. There is another part of the library where more copies of the book he found sit. On the far side of that room there is another passage and a person standing there just out of Giga's light. It appears that the trigger to open the secret passage is back there...

As Giga ponders this, the entity looks at Giga and sways a bit. It walks in front of the far passage and suddenly purple runes appear below its feet...only three of which Giga is able to read...


Giga gets up recognizing the similar that he was sure that this was the "monster" that he had encountered before. The runes remained written on the ground (which was something Giga did not expect). The creature stepped out of the circle of runes and into Giga's light. It looked like it had once been human but its skin had hardened and broken off. It walked with a limp...more obvious in the light. Giga raised his hands to prepare for the creature's attacks...

OOC: Yes, this is the creature. It is not undead, though, and it is not alive either. It's really weird and once it dies it'll simply crumble into dust. It will be able to cast powerful runic spells of this system i'm introducing.

OOC also: If you're interesting in including this runic system as one of your character's abilities he\she will need to pick up one of those books and read about it. I've already created other runes and I'll introduce them in other threads because simply knowing all the runes would theoretically make somebody a little too powerful...yes, these basic 3 rune spells will only have a power of 8. Also, I reserve the right to determine what the noun\verb combos actually do so I'll probably list the discovered combos in another thread. If you want to experiment with the combos when the meaning of the runes is later discovered then you could PM me asking what exactly the combo would do.


OOC~Well after this battle with the troll and kobold,i will gladly learn. I am about to discover a power ful magic artifact

IC~Warblade watched as it came down. But it soon froze as did the kobold. Ammar stood there. Both hands raised at both creatures. "Now must i keep a collar on you with a bell?"He yelled. He lifted his hands and the creatures rose in the air. He brought them down hard. Crushing the troll and kobold. Warblade ran toward the chest. It was locked. "It is a trap"Ammar pointed out. Warblade pulled out a magic probe. "I am always prepared"He replied. He stuck it in. A little explosion occured. The chest opened up. In it was a long grey staff. Which seemed to be surging with magic. It was glowing a bright blue. Warblade picked it up. The magic surged threw him. He felt it. It knocked him. "Lets take a look and see what this is,it seems to be attune to you"Ammar said walking back to the library.

Moonstone Spider:

*Sylk returns to the central chamber, followed by the Death knight and what Minions she hasn't sent elsewhere.*
Sylk: "We shall try each door in turn. I've already failed with Yellow, you start at red and I'll start at Blue next to purple, and we'll see what happens."
*The Death Knight fails to enter the Red Chamber, but due to his warrior nature enters the Orange One. Sylk immediately attempts to enter the Orange chamber herself but fails.*
Sylk: "What do you make of it?"
Death Knight: "Each Room has a barrier, obviously. I would guess each barrier affects something different. Something in the difference between us, possibly the fact that you are alive and I am not, or that you are a mage and I am not, is allowing me in and barring your passage. We should both try every door."
Sylk: "A sound plan. Enter the Orange Chamber and retrieve the treasure inside. Go with him!"
*The Zombies pointed to attempt to assist the Death Knight but also cannot enter. The Death Knight goes in alone. Inside the Orange chamber it finds a room much like the others seen so far, with a statue of a dragon in the center. As it watches, the room seems to expand and suddenly the statue looms massive and transforms into a real dragon, it's colors shifting as it moves. The dragon turns red, aims it's head at the Death Knight, and belches Flame. The Death Knight Plants it's shield in the ground, then moves to the side as teh Dragon attacks the shield thinking the Knight is behind it. The Death Knight draws one of it's 3 Javelin's and hurls into the Dragon's neck, but the enchanted Steel shatters against the Dragon's impermeable hide.*
Death Knight: "Excellent, I love a good challenge."
*The Dragon, seeing the Death Knight, quickly moves to the Shield and stomps it to scrap to prevent the Death Knight from using it any further. However the Death Knight uses this momentary distraction to climb to the ceiling. The dragon look's about, turns white, and as the Death Knight Drops blasts it with ice. Unharmed by that Element, the Death Knight gets a single good shot before a twist of the Dragon's head flings it across the room. One of the Dragon's Horn's falls off, neatly severed. The Death Knight prepares itself for the charge as the Dragon lunges toward's it, every talon bared.*

Moonstone Spider:

*While Sylk is waiting for the Death Knight to finish the Spectre returns with a dusty scroll listing the artifacts owned by the Hand of Shadow.*
Sylk: "The Soulsbane Amulet, this medallion allows a necromancer to ressurect unlimited numbers of undead and control them. While normally a Necromancer requires their own power for ressurection, the Amulet allows the Necromancer to drain life energies from living beings and use them to establish control instead as a much lower cost. Using this Amulet the Hand of Shadow raised an army of over 5,000 undead warriors in a single day, by killing every living thing within a mile of his position for the power to accomplish this deed."

Moonstone Spider:

*The Death Knight rolls quickly on his armor, dodging a blast of gravity-breath and lunges at the Dragon. It open's it's mouth to bite, and catches the Death Knight's last Javelin in the roof of the mouth. Even with his supernatural strength, the Death Knight is unable to penetrate to the brain but the cursed metal works anyway, spreading plague into the monster. The Dragon snarls and in seconds uses it's claw to remove the javelin, but by then the Death Knight has moved to the side of the dragon. Before it can react he thrust's his blade into the hip, where the scales are thinner to let it's legs move as it walks. The DRagon slams the Death Knight with one Wing, knocking him across the room. Before the Death Knight can get to his feet, the dragon bites down on him, it's teeth ripping through even the hell-forged bands of steel around the Death Knight's torso. Grimacing with it's skull-like face, the Death Knight's hands flex and claws spring from every finger. Twisting his body, the Death Knight punches through the Dragon's gleaming eye and twists his arm, ripping inside it's head with his claws. The dragon screams and the Death Knight get's it's sword into position and stabs through the ruined eye, killing it. The dragon swirls and vanishes, and the Death Knight hits the ground. The room shrinks again and the statue returns, this time as a torso wearing a suit of Many Colored Dragon Scalemail. A voice speaks.*
Voice: "Mighty one of a violent land/arise to claim with a worthy hand/armor built to match your blade/dragon mail, the finest made."
*The Death Knight takes the magnificent armor and leaves the room.*


The creature stopped and looked straight at Giga, probably contemplating what it should do. Swaying a bit, three runes appeared beneath the creature...all of which Giga could recognize. A bodyless voice echoed through the room, chanting...


Suddenly, Giga felt a jolt of energy flow through his body and he felt his life taken away from him and pulled into the creature. The attack was only powerful enough to shock Giga and the creature seemed to know this. Again, runes appeared around the creature and Giga recognized the same 3 runes from before, but this time there were unknown runes in between the ones he did know. The same bodyless voice began chanting again...


Giga quickly threw his hands forward, knocking the creature out of the now-incomplete spell. The runes on the floor crackled and vanished and the creature flew back and hit an invisible barrier probably created by its first spell. Throwing his hands together, Giga hit the creature with a fireball and watched it burst into flames. It screamed, and it was the most demonic scream Giga had ever heard. The creature thrashed a bit before falling to the floor. As it lay on the floor the fire went out. Giga brushed himself off, almost on the point of congratulating himself, when he noticed a sound. It sounded like the wind but it had an unholy feel to it. Then to Giga's suprise the creature began glowing purple and, again, it howled. It stood back up, unhurt by Giga's attack. The purple energy gathered into the creature's chest.

This could be a problem. Giga said to himself. The same 6 runes from before appeared beneath the creature and the voice began chanting again. Giga launched another fireball at the creature and it broke the spell. As the creature fell down, Giga wove his mana together, creating a simple little spell he had used before to play tricks a long time ago. He took off running, stopping in the treasure room to catch his breath and come up with a plan. Quickly looking around the room Giga noticed numerous swords among the treasure, one of which caught his attention. It appeared to be made out of some sort of crystal. Reaching his hand out, the sword jumped in the air and crashed onto the ground in front of Giga. Oopsie...good thing it didn't break... Giga said to himself. Picking it up, Giga could feel that the sword was indeed what he thought it was.

Suddenly Giga heard a tremendous roar and he saw the creature standing in the doorway above. It looked at him and then stepped back into the room. Is he giving up so easily? Giga thought to himself. Suddenly, the ground shook and Giga looked in horror as a giant 3 legged creature walked through the doorway. Each leg ended as a sharp claw and it made a loud *clang* every time one hit the ground. The creature had what appeared to be a head. It had two claws on both sides of its head. Giga backed up knowing that this creature was supposed to kill him. Looking at his sword, he knew that his lack of training with a weapon would make the sword completely useless against the giant creature. He tossed it on the ground behind him.

The creature suddenly lunged forward, its front two claws aimed at Giga. Throwing his hands forward he quickly created a barrier to hold back the attack. The attack hit the barrier very hard and Giga barely managed to hold up against the attack. Thinking quickly, he threw the creature to the side at the fake treasure. It landed and immediately began howling and thrashing. Obviously the treasure didn't have a full effect on the creature but that didn't stop it from hurting. Giga then noticed that the creature had what looked like a weak spot on its underside. Nodding to himself, he turned to face the creature as it got back up.

Shaking off the effects of the cursed treasure the creature lunged forward again. Giga had the barrier up and was more prepared for the impact. This time Giga let the claws slide over his barrier and he ducked underneath the creature, stepping to the side to avoid any attacks from the back leg. He threw his hand to the side and reached out to grab his sword. The sword's handle glowed in response and flew straight into Giga's hand. Quickly filling the sword with mana it glowed brightly and he thrust the sword into the weak spot he had seen and jumped back, barely avoiding the treasure.

Howling, the creature fell down and squirmed trying to crawl towards Giga, but the attack proved lethal. Very quickly, the creature layed perfectly still...dead. Lifting his hand the sword came to him. He filled it with mana again and ran towards the spellcaster who was already preparing another spell. Not giving it another chance, Giga thrust the sword where he estimated the purple energy had gathered before. As the sword came out its other side shards of a purple gem flew out the other side. The creature lurched forward with a look of horror on its face. It fell to the ground, the purple crystal dissolving. The creature lay still and disolved into a pile of dust. Giga picked up the sword, and ran towards the tunnel that lead to the main room, stopping at the entrance. He heard voices on the other side of the tunnel and he knew that he was not alone. He contemplated if he should risk trying to leave...

Moonstone Spider:

*The Death Knight Emerges from the Orange chamber wearing chromatic Dragon Scale Mail. Sylk looks at the armor, impressed despite herself.*
Death Knight: "You haven't checked any other rooms yet?"
Sylk: "Well, I was rather hoping to have my forces intact before reaching another room, some of them seem dangerous judging from the noises I've heard."
Death Knight: "You don't say? Dangerous eh?"
Sylk: "Yes, I just heard something like a battle in the Treasure room, now that our forces are intact let's check on how our "reclamation" project is going. I wouldn't want our Wraiths to get bored or lazy and quit carrying the faerie gold home."
*Sylk and her Death Knight start to move, but before they get far they see Gigafrost coming the other way towards them.*


Realizing that the source of the voices had spotted him, he let his orb completely light himself and he approached, stopping where he knew the tunnel would carry his voice clear when he spoke (and still keeping his distance from Sylk and her minions ). Eyeing the gathering of undead, Giga mumbled a curse under his breath. Looking at the crystal sword in one hand and the book in the other he made sure to hold neither in a threatening way. Looking at the necromancer, he spoke...

Pardon my rude...introduction. Due to past happenings I have become...weary...of Necromancers. I am Giga of the Frost Jedi. I welcome you to what was once probably known as kchi'ta le mi craten, or "the temple of the gods" in a long dead language.

Moonstone Spider:

*Sylk watches the Frost Jedi a moment.*
Sylk: "I've little reason to like Jedi myself, or most living things for that matter. I seem to be here by accident but you appear to have a specific purpose. What is it?"
*Sylk does not politely hold her weapon in an unthreatening manner, nor does her Newly Enhanced Death Knight, who begins to slowly move into a position to block off Giga's possible retreat.*


Giga eyes the Death Knight moving into position to block off his retreat and he backs into the tunnel to secure a retreat in that direction. Knowing his voice won't carry as well unaided Giga creates a small magical field in the air in front of him that would carry his voice to the necromancer...

I once came here by accident myself when I was young. When my friend was killed I vowed to return to find out what was being guarded here and I have succeeded.

Lifting the book so that Sylk could clearly see, Giga continued...

There are books like this that speak of a magic system that died ages ago. There are many and you are free to help yourself to one, but there are deeper quarters of this ruin that I cannot uncover unless I find a way to defeat barriers created by this magic system

Moonstone Spider:

*The Death Knight pulls back, realizing he cannot get behind the Alert Jedi. Meanwhile in the Treasure room Wraiths are carrying the last of the false gold away.*
Sylk: "A very old magic? Yet clearly some of it still lingers today in the world, for in one room the power of Necromancy was strong enough I could taste it. Is this an old magic in truth, or just the same magic we use today wearing a different cloak? I will take one of these books and see."
*Sylk heads for the library.*


OOC~ Well, the basic idea is that these "runes" serve as a way to channel the power of omniscient gods from other universes through oneself. I can't remember if my readings from the novice book explained enough. Heck, I'm not even sure if I should create a single post here on CReshka so that everybody can keep track of what rune-combinations do what. Already the 6 basic runes have noun and verb meanings but there are some weird combos that are available and basically I prefer somebody to PM me asking what a specific verb\noun combo would do, maybe even giving suggestions.

OOC2~ Also, if you haven't played or seen Eternal Darkness for the GCN then it's important that a few basics be known. 1) Being moved from the center of the circle of runes before all the runes have been spoken "breaks" the spell. The more runes a spell has the more powerful. The "absorb self" spell restores stats and depending on the alliance it restores different stats. Chittur'ga: Red - Health, Ulyothe:Blue - Mana (i think? ), Xeratul(? can't remember...):Green - Sanity. In this system, though, there are more (and different) gods.

Moonstone Spider:

*Sylk picks up a book. . . and suddenly stiffens as a wave of magical energy hits her.*
Death Knight: "What is it?"
Sylk: "Tremendous power, something evil and very strong has just been summoned onto our plane. Whatever it is, it's mightier than everything I have combined. Let's move, we have work to do."
*A monster shows up to battle Sylk over the book. Unfortunately she's already gone when it gets there.*
OOC~ Obviously Sylk just picked up on the Balrog summoning, and is gone from this thread now. She's heading for Orodril in a thread that already finished. ~IC


OmegaFrost navigated the tunnel until finding the room giga told him about he picked up a book and began to leave before the creature could arrive on his way out he stoped in a library of some sort he noticed a book strange creatures and where to find them.

OOC: im gonna say this predates the assault on fulton mill.


A portal outside the temple opens up and Megafrost steps out of it. Upon entering the temple and the main room, Megafrost says

An odd place indeed. Let's see, Omegafrost said the library was this way...

Megafrost picks up the book Omegafrost mentioned and quickly high-tails it out of temple, and goes back to portal to the Frost Jedi city.

OOC: I will be using the rune system in addition to what I already use


Giga had much on his mind after leaving the TLS area. He spent much of his time wandering the halls of the Frost Jedi. Many of his most powerful and trusted members had left...gone to explore other worlds in case the Frost Jedi should have to leave this one. Giga could feel it all around him...the weakening of the structure...of the power of the army. Finally seeing the world around them for what it was, the Frost Jedi army had seemingly turned its back on a world that could neither change nor accept them, and things looked grim.

Recently, Giga had managed to find somebody willing to train the Frost Guards, now a pathetic force. The Frost Jedi might not be able or willing to protect anything outside its own city. Giga stood on the top of the main building, watching the happenings of the town around him. Trading with the other cities had dwindled to a trickle of what it had been. The town itself which had been divided between good and evil elements was no longer so clear, quite unusually quiet. In fact, the only activities Giga could notice at the time were the training of some of the Frost Guards. Giga sighed. The future of the Frost Jedi weighing heavily on his mind.

At this time, Giga felt a small twitch in the back of his head...a clear sign that the Guardians wanted his attention. He turned and walked deep into the HQ...into a room that had only recently been created. Deep in the center of the building was a room known only as the Guardians Chamber. A small, dark room, it was designed so that Giga could maintain everything from there. It was also quite close to the mana cache, allowing a smooth and flawless connection to the Guardians. Giga immediately used this, finding out why the Guardians had bothered him.

It had to do with the structure he had found before...a mysterious underground cavitiy that had supposedly been a building above ground once. The guardians had been studying it for quite some time when they could spare the time and mana, and as luck would have it they were able to find a part of the wall that was readable and they had immediately begun studying it. What they came up with was a that led to another such building at the time the map had been made. With help from NimrodConjuror's powerful machines they had been able to guess where the new building would be.

Giga wasted no time in searching for the ruins, spending an entire day scanning the ground for any signs of the structure. Finally, he believed he felt something and a quick check with the Guardians confirmed a cavity down there. Giga wasted no time with digging down to the place and he immediately opened a portal to travel down, closing it behind him.

Giga found himself in a ruined hallway...everything was tilted. Obviously some sort of geographical shift had occured here. He spend a good amount of time exploring, using his light spell so he could see and checking for anything worth exploring in greater detail. For the most part, this seemed to be a barracks of sorts. Giga found more remains of beds than anything else, but no sign of the people who had been there. If anybody had lived in here ages ago they had obviously left for some unknown reason.

Finally, Giga happened upon a larger room and, much to his suprise, he found the remains of many bodies. There was even evidence of armor and weapons, but it looked as if most of it had been taken. To one side of the room, Giga noticed that the fighting had seemed more extreme. Upon closer examination, Giga found the evidence of a secret passage. Clearing the dust, cobwebs, and rocks that had made viewing the entire door next to impossible, Giga noticed a strange indentation in the door. It was in the shape of a sword, but most interestingly was the handle, shaped exactly like the handle of his own sword. Heck, Giga decided it could even have been an indentation for his sword!

Grabbing the air in front of him, the aetheral barrier around Giga's hand's waivered like ripples in a pond and Giga's sword appeared in his hands. Giga held the sword up to the indentation...and nothing happened. It felt as if only part of the key had been activated. With little other options left, Giga drew in mana to completely charge up the sword. Almost immediately the outline of the indentation glowed red, spreading along the secret door and forming intricate spider-webs of flowing mana. The door finally lurched and lowered itself into the ground. Giga immediately tried to regain his sword but he found the sword was stuck.

The complex spider-web of mana continued to spread and form along the walls of the secret chamber, and long columns shot out of the ground. The column contained a dozen books, amazingly fresh despite how obviously old they were. They all seemed to be the same to, so Giga picked on up. Before he would read it, though, he investigated the door thuroughly, finally finding a small switch that would close the door. Much to his relief, his sword came out quite easily when the door finished closing. Funny enough, while it had been active in the slot, the sword had temporarily lost its connection to him and the stand, becoming unable to return itself. Shaking his head so he could focus on the book, Giga found a good, clean corner and set, opening the books.

Giga found that the book's title was "The Book of the Gods" and it talked about the gods that supposedly fueled the power behind the runic spells Giga knew. It summarized the information about the gods that the previous book had...and additional new information...

The origin starts when an event occured in a universe right next to ours. This event disrupted the happenings in the six universes surrounding it, causing energy to move in a circle between the 6 universes. As the energy condensded in each universe the gods were born as the bodies that would contain the energy, yet once the gods realized the openings in their universes that the energy was flowing to and attempted to enter them they disrupted the flow of energy and shut the portals, leaving each god with a unique color signature.

Eventually, each god managed to absorb all energy in their universe and were left with the goals of leaving their universe and using their seemingly bottomless energy reserves. This is where our universe comes in. We weren't affected by the disruptive events as severly as the other universes. Instead, the barrier between our universe and those other 7 universes thinned. It was a very long time before Janco first contacted the gods and founded our cult. We are the gateway through which the gods may enter our world, and this is the reason runic magic is more mana efficient than all other forms of magic.

Much studying was put into finding the cause of the trans-universal flow of energy that had originally created the gods, and the studying of the 7th god. Apparently, the universe that the 7th god resides in is not its own, but when it entered that universe it had disrupted the 6 nearby universes. This would serve to explain why it's more powerful than the simply has the energy of more than one universe. It also has no color signature which makes it immune to any kind of weakness, but because our runic system requires there to be color we have chosen black, and thus the 7 gods that the runes follow are as listed:

Me'orthiril, the god of blood and flesh, represented by red.
Feir'tef, the god of fire and war, represented by orange.
Taigon, the god of light and energy, represented by yellow.
Erakune, the god of earth and life, represented by green.
Nis'acun, the god of water and mana, represented by blue.
Mir'tal, the god of death and destruction, represented by purple.
Valtorok, the god of ages and nothingness, represented by black.

Each god also has the planned end of the world, or the planned end-bringing. Seven Armageddons exist, one for each universe and they are as follows:

Bidabra-The merging of flesh and blood, where the egos of people cease to exist and flesh and blood are unable to exist.

Hafina-The ultimate destruction of everything by fire, where wars erupt and all is finally consumed by the flame.

Kefmand-The disappearance of all light and the energy it brings, finally absorbing all with the power of the collapsed star.

Viscond-The destruction of planets and the life they hold.

Juvimara-The shortage of water and life-enhancing mana that eventually drains all the energy from the universe.

Plagrim-The spreading of plagues and disease, of undead and redead, to end all life.

Tremis-The collapse of the universe, drawing the infinity of the void together into a single point.

There is power in knowing about these ends and by knowing the beginnings. Just as a world is incomplete without an end, so is a rune spell, however the appropriate beginning must also be found, as well as a reasonable age. Indeed, without the appropriate age the spell will turn on its caster. We believe we have found the right path to the solution, though.

Giga closed the book and opened a portal back to Frost HQ. This would be all he would find, he was sure of it. At least the trip had not been a waste...
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