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About Us and Our History

  1. Today -- Where We Are Now
  2. StarCraft -- The Beginning
  3. Roleplaying -- A New Adventure
  4. Aunoth -- Our Fantasy History
  5. The Future -- What Lies Ahead

Today -- Where We Are Now

The Frost Jedi is an established and respected gaming clan with interests in RPGs, online games plus PC and console games. Our members also have interests in technology, arts, crime news and current affairs. We offer a family oriented message board that reflects these interests and is moderated to provide a fun and friendly environment for the entire family. In addition, to our own community, we host two other boards. The Frost Jedi family continues to grow but is never to large to care about each other. Oh, and we aren't always good at the games we play but we have fun.

Draco and Nyu lost on Jeopardy
A Pair of Losers
Terra and Giga defeating a computer
The End
Kukri attacks Dirk and is killed by him
A lose-lose Situation
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StarCraft -- The Beginning

Visit Giga's StarCraft page! The humble beginnings of the Frost Jedi date back to 1997 when Gigafrost and TerraFrost, childhood best friends, became interested in playing StarCraft online. They teamed up to form a backstabbing clan and needed a really cold sounding name due to the mean nature of backstabbing. Several real-life friends and relatives of Giga's joined the Frost Jedi Clan to ally with him against enemy players. Some early members of the Frost Jedi were: Battlefrost, Chronofrost, Evlfrost, Megafrost, Omegafrost and Zegafrost. Zega is the only member not still with the clan. Giga and Terra have recently returned to their roots and taken up playing the game again after almost a year off.

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Roleplaying -- A New Adventure

In June of 2002, Terra introduced Giga to CR, a message board of which he was a regular participant. Soon, Giga brought his friends and relatives that had comprised the original Frost Jedi Clan. The board had a roleplaying forum that wasn't being used very much but Giga formed an "army" consisting of his Frost Jedi followers upon the suggestion of his cousin, Dracofrost. From there the Frost Jedi group blossomed and grew and some very dramatic and effective stories which garnered much interest and acclaim from readers occured. The FJ's enthusiasm led to the decision to start their own site as a place to have history and a "home" for the Frosts. Very soon afterwards, all Frost Jedi roleplaying on Castle Reshka discontinued, and many members of the clan left that board, but the Frost Jedi still maintain close contact with Castle Reshka and continue to roleplay, on and off, on their own board.

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Aunoth -- Our Fantasy History

This is far too long and complex for such a small space. The fantasy Frost Jedi have a rich history filled with facts and folklore that intricately interwoven into a story of ancient past, recent past and present by our master storyteller and RP leader, Gigafrost. If you are interested in learning more about the Frost legend and are in the mood to do a lot of reading then please read our ancient history and recent past history.

Read Giga's Character Bio

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The Future -- What Lies Ahead

While none of us can predict the future, we all hope for the continued success and prosperity of the Frost Jedi Clan and its members. Giga is trudging through college and hopes to program games one day. Nyufrost wants to become a writer. Dracofrost hopes to start a cult and one day rule the world. OmegaFrost also has dreams of world domination. TerraFrost says he would like our message board "to get more members and become that much more self sustaining" so, if you are reading this and are not alredy a member, please sign up today to make Terra's dream a reality. Seriously folks, Terra is the brains behind all the awesome features on our board so please check it out.

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