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Name:  Gigafrost
Race:  Formerly human
Class:  Depends
Rank: Leader
Sex:  Male
Age:  Unknown

Giga is awesome!

Intro Bio: In the world of necromancy, it is known that there is the rare person that is immune to the spells and potions that transform people into undead to feed their armies. Gigafrost, as it turned out, had an even rarer ability...he was only half-immune. Indeed, that potion he drank did not turn him into an undead, as expected, but he wasn't the same either. Instead, he suffers from a double life, living as the mage, Giga, or as the monster, Frost.

Giga Bio: Giga is a calm and calculating mage. He has a crystal sword that increases his magical powers and he has limited knowledge on how to use it in as an actual sword, depending instead on his magical skills and knowledge to survive a battle. To remind himself of his curse, Giga wears dark colors. His magical armor is capable of self-repairing but as of yet this armor is only a prototype and it provides very little added advantage to his normal clothing with the exception of a better defense against arrows. The crystals on the armor are known to change colors when Giga casts spells.

Frost Bio: Frost is the necromancer's dream come true, if only he were controllable. It was once theorized that should an individual immune to becoming undead somehow become undead, the resulting creature would be perfect. Well, Frost is far from perfect. It lacks any magical abilities, but it more than makes up for this with its incredible physical abilities. It is immune to most types of elemental magic and armed with an assortment of spikes, claws and teeth. It is not as cool and calm as Giga. It is driven by an insane urge to kill, and easily influenced by dark suggestions.

Origin Story: 7,000 years ago a war erupted between the Frost Jedi and an enemy clan of Necromancers. It was during this war that many members of the Frost Jedi were transformed into undead, but when it came Gigafrost's turn, it was discovered that he was half-immune to the formula, and the resulting creature was sealed away in tomb, asleep in the cold stasis of a magical void until the seal was broken...

End Bio: Giga is the persona of good. As he becomes more injured, the more "Frost" he becomes. Indeed, Frost itself cannot be killed. The more damaged it becomes, the more powerful it becomes, yet once its strength overloads it falls into a deep healing sleep to turn back into Giga. As Frost, he can be "healed" to become more like "Giga" again. Because Frost has no magical abilities, though, Giga's mana will be empty when he returns to normal.

Acquire skills: Giga has basic knowledge of a simple rune system.

The Frost Jedi ... Balance Between Good and Evil